The Photo Guide: App Based Photography Learning For Our Generation

What do you do when you come across something related to photography that you don’t know? Maybe a new term or a technique you were previously unaware of? Chances are that you do what most people do when they don’t know something–you Google it. But when you do this you end up with a ton of extra things that may or may not be relevant, or even correct. The Photo Guide is an app for iOS that is designed to fix this problem by giving you access to photography education and learning in an app where you can be sure that you are not wasting your time searching through pages of junk websites to find the answer you were looking for. Continue reading…

Streetography Aims To Help You Find The Best Places To Shoot In Town

Let’s face it, one of the hardest parts about photographing in a new and unfamiliar place is finding the good spots to shoot. It takes time, knowledge, and skill to roam and find the best spots to shoot even when you live in an area, so finding enough time to do so while you are traveling or visiting a new place is difficult. Luckily a new app called Streetography aims to make this process easier by crowd sourcing image location data to highlight the best places to shoot.  Continue reading…

How I’m Learning to Avoid Editing Photos on My Computer

It seems like Apple and the entire web are trying to move photographers towards editing and working off of tablets. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing; but we all know that RAW files are how you can get the most out of the images that you shoot. For what it’s worth though, editing a JPEG is also a very viable option that many photographers do when trying to quickly promote something or get the news out there about something specific.

In the past two years in fact, Iv’e found myself wanting to sit and edit less and less–instead opting to work on the files on my phone or tablet.

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Kodak Professional Film App Now Helps You Find Development Locations

Today, Kodak Alaris announced that their Professional Film Photography app is now available for the iPad and Android in addition to the fact that iPhone users are getting new updates to their app.

The app is awesome for the analog shooters amongst us that want to keep supporting the alternative process of taking images compared to the more conventional digital format these days. It includes tech specs on each film, a sample photo, a sun calculator that lets you know when sunset is, a guide to teach you what types of film to use and BW darkroom home development tips and tricks.

More features are after the jump. The Kodak Professional Film app is available for free download right now.

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Help Us With Our Most Ambitious Project Yet: La Noir Image Magazine

Hey folks,

Last year I started La Noir Image: my love letter to contemporary black and white photography. It’s worked well enough but has been on hiatus in preparation for its next step forward.

As La Noir Image moves forward as a business, we’re proud to officially announce our brand new KickStarter initiative to fund stage two of the business.

La Noir Image is looking to evolve; and in order to do so we need to become quite a bit more interactive. This interactivity can only be delivered through an e-magzine; and so we’re looking to create an app with subscription, interactivity, etc. We’re asking for $35,000 to fund the first year of the magazine. This money will go towards the monthly expenses: including paying workers fair wages, video production, app design and distribution, etc.

If funded, we can have the first issue out by the end of September.

So please, help us move forward and continue to create something beautiful. Consider funding our Kickstarter initiative.


Chris Gampat

Announcing: La Noir Image Issue 0

Chris Gampat La Noir Image Prototype image (1 of 1)ISO 4001-30 sec at f - 3.6

Hey everyone,

Late last year, I announced a brand new site: La Noir Image. This site was tailored to lovers of Black and White Photography and had a very high emphasis on just the art. After taking a short break from it to figure out how the business is going to move forward, I announced earlier this year that it’s going to evolve into an iPad magazine. Today, La Noir Image Issue 0: the prototype is available for download free of charge. Currently it is a PDF and can be enjoyed on your computer, phone or tablet. But the final version is going to be targeted at the iPad audience.

Do keep in mind that this is only a prototype/proof of concept, and the actual iPad magazine will be a lot more like other e-Mags like the BJP: and therefore embrace the use of the web to incorporate videos. The content will also include essays and tutorials. But in the body of a standard PDF file, this is what we’re capable of doing.

If you’ve never checked out a real iPad magazine, I highly suggest that you do. It’s a much better and more immersive experience that what the web can deliver.

La Noir Image is going to turn into a full on iPad magazine designed for you to curl up with and soak in inspiration. With the help of designer Ian Pettigrew and an incredible team, this project is going to move forward to its ambitious next step: a Kickstarter. More details on this will come.

Enjoy it! And I’m very willing to hear your feedback.

Grant Hodgeon: Ditching the Laptop Editing Workflow

Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset

All images by Grant Hodgeon. Used with permission.

Photographer Grant Hodgeon is a Digital Imaging tech who recently decided to ditch the laptop when it came to editing and publishing a photo essay. Instead of editing on a laptop in Lightroom, he used his Fujifilm X100T to upload the images to his iPad Pro, edit in VSCO and publish to Storehouse. The images were from his vacation in New York.

Grant attributes part of his compositional and creative skills to looking at the images of other people every day.

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