The Libra Trackpad and Keyboard Turns Your iPad Into a Mac Alternative

Libra Trackpad and Keyboard
The Libra Trackpad and Keyboard should help you get much more out of your iPad Pro.

The Apple’s iPad Pro is an incredible devices that allow media and content creators to get work done while on the road. The iPad can do just about as much as a Mac, but the on-screen keyboard leaves a lot to be desired. The Libra Trackpad and Keyboard from Sentis is aiming to make the iPad Pro more user-friendly for those who require a mouse and a keyboard. Join us after the break to find out more about this innovative iPad add-on.

Sentis, the makers of the Libra Trackpad and Mouse, saw a problem and designed a solution that should help turn an iPad Pro into a serious Macbook alternative. Earlier this year, Apple released a stand-alone version of iOS just for their iPad line. iPad OS added a ton of functionality, which at long last included mouse support and file browsing. The new update was so complete that it makes the iPad Pro act much more like a Macbook than a tablet. Now, with a dedicated keyboard and trackpad cover, users should be able to maximize their creative potential on their mobile devices.

Libra Trackpad and Keyboard

The Kickstarter campaign for the Libra Trackpad and Keyboard has proven to be popular so far. At the time of writing, Sentis has been able to raise $125,432 on a goal of just $10,000. Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad aren’t exactly new, but Sentis claim theirs will help make your iPad Pro feel like a Macbook. The Libra is a Bluetooth enabled peripheral featuring backlighting and numerous function keys. You’ll be able to add a ton of functionality without taking away the advantages of a tablet such as a touchscreen and it’s overall portability. The Libra Trackpad and Keyboard is compatible with all sizes (9.7″, 10.5″, 11″ and 12.9″) of iPad Pro.

Libra Trackpad and Keyboard

The keyboard features the more preferred scissor-switch style keys for the keyboard, and also features a 4,000mAh battery which should provide roughly 200 days of use. You can also use the internal battery of the Libra to charge your iPad or your iPhone too, which is a really nice feature. Your iPad simply slides into the bracket on the keyboard and then you place a snap-on magnetic cover over your iPad to protect it from dents and dings.

The Libra Trackpad and Keyboard is also really affordable. If you get in on the early-bird tier, you can pick up one of the Libra’s for $109. If you miss the early-bird special, the price jumps up to $129. If you decide to splurge you can expect the device to start shipping during January 2020. There are, of course, many more pledge options available. If you would like to find out more about the Libra Trackpad and Keyboard you can head to the official Kickstarter page.