The New Racing Inspired Vi Vante Classic Tread Camera Strap Is Out Now

Vi Vante Classic Tread strap
The Vi Vante Classic Tread is a seriously slick looking camera strap.

One of the best ways to add some character and flair to your camera is to add a strap that has personality. For the most part, camera straps are made to be incredibly utilitarian, and while that’s fine, the overall design of the straps is an afterthought. There are a few companies that consider design just as important as function. One company is Vi Vante, and its new camera strap, the Vi Vante Classic Tread, is a great example. This racing-inspired camera strap could be just what you need for your fast-paced life as a photographer. Join us after the break for more details.

We have covered a few straps from Vi Vante before. Their previous camera straps have been about elegance, but the Vi Vante Classic Tread is about adding a cool factor to your camera. As mentioned above, the Classic Tread’s design is based on a performance car’s tire tread, highlighted by the red tire tread design stitched into the leather strap.

vi vante classic tread camera strap

The Classic Tread camera strap is made of high quality, genuine leather. Red quilted stitching is what makes the tread pattern. The strap is 47-inches long and one inch wide, and appears to have been made with smaller cameras in mind. Think along the lines of cameras offered by Leica and Fujifilm. The likes of the Leica Q2 and the Fujifilm X100F or X-T30 would be great examples.

Just like other straps made by Vi Vante, the Classic Tread features Electroplated mounting rings which should offer extra strength where it matters most. You even get an extra set of them sent along with the strap, and a pouch to store the Classic Tread in when it is not attached to your camera.

Vi Vante Classic Tread strap

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new camera strap that will add flair and character to your cameras, or need a new strap to match your own personal style, pick up the Classic Tread from Vi Vante now for $149.99. For more information, head over to the official Vi Vante website.