The Lightweight Vi Vante “Tiger” Lambskin Camera Strap Is Out Now

This “Tiger” lambskin leather camera strap will add a touch of class to your Mirrorless camera.

If you have used cameras for any amount of time, one thing you’re sure to know is that not all camera straps are equal. Fortunately, the third-party camera strap market is alive and well, and there are a ton of options for photographers to choose from. The latest camera strap to hit the market is called the Tiger, and it is handmade by Vi Vante. This lambskin leather neck strap will add a touch of class to your Mirrorless camera. Join us after the jump for more details, pictures, and pricing details.

Vi Vante has been carving somewhat of a niche out for themselves with their lambskin camera straps. We have previously covered the release of the Bengal strapand today we share with you their latest camera strap; The Tiger. The Vi Vante Tiger is handmade from the same soft, yet durable lambskin leather as the Bengal, but the Tiger is a neck strap, whereas the Bengal is a wrist strap. The Tiger has been designed to be used with today’s smaller Mirrorless cameras.

The handmade Vi Vante Tiger features premium braided lambskin leather, and it has a length of 47-inches. You’ll find built-in side protection, finished edges, and red highlight stitching. The Vi Vante Tiger features electroplated mounting rings for extra strength (and comes with two spares). It also comes in a braided, black pouch so you can store it safely when not in use.

The strap is not designed to be used with DSLR’s. However, the Tiger can be used with Fujifilm’s X series of cameras, Leica M and Q cameras (even with an f0.95 Noctilux 50mm lens attached), and with the Sony A7 series. You should have no problem feeling safe and comfortable while carrying your gear around.

If you’re in the market for a new camera strap and don’t want to use regular nylon, cotton, or neoprene straps, the Tiger from Vi Vante might fit the bill. The straps are available now, and they are priced at $175 each. If you would like more information about the strap and would like to see more product images, head on over to the official Vi Vante website.