The Vi Vante Bengal Unleashed Camera Strap Offers Style and Function

vi vante

If you want to spoil your camera, and your wrist, this new camera strap from Vi Vante might be for you.

Camera straps are one of those accessories that are often overlooked by many, and that’s a real shame because not only can they increase your levels of comfort when you use your camera, they can also have some flair to the camera too. There are many camera straps on the market that match many different fashion styles, but if you want one that will perhaps go with anything, the new Bengal Unleashed strap Vi Vante could be the strap you’ve been looking for. Join us after the break for more details.

The Vi Vante Bengal Unleashed camera strap is made for those that demand the very best in terms of looks, quality, and comfort. The camera wrist strap is made from lambskin leather, and it features a flat braid that should compliment most styles with ease.

Vi Vante say that a lot of research went into making this new camera wrist strap as they wanted to make sure that the hand made, fully hand stitched strap could support the weight of your camera while being able to offer unparalleled levels of comfort. If you like to be ‘stylin’ while you shoot, this braided camera strap will likely make you very happy.

The strap itself measures in at 8.5 inches in length, and it has an electroplated mounting ring. The strap comes with a black branded pouch too so you can keep the strap protected when it is not attached to your camera. You’ll also get one spare electroplated mounting ring as well just in case something should happen to the original.

If you want to get your hands on one of the luxurious camera straps so that you, and your camera can look good, you’ll be pleased to know that the Vi Vante Bengal Unleashed wrist strap will be available for purchase during the first week of July for $115. Vi Vante has also said that there will also be a neck strap version of the lambskin leather strap that will be able to support lightweight Rangefinder style cameras too, but no release date or price has been given just yet. For more information head on over to the official Vi Vante website.

Brett Day

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