How the iPad Pro Can Do Better for Photographers

A few months back, I bid adieu to my 2015 Macbook Pro. This was the last one to have an SD card port before Apple brought it back with the recent MacBook Pros. So I decided to see if the iPad Pro could do what I needed. I’ve got a powerful iMac from 2019 that I gladly use every day. I’m spoiled by the 27-inch display and all its ports. And by all means, as a journalist, I’m a content creator. So is the iPad Pro enough?

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Does the New iPad Pro Offer Anything New for Photographers?

The new iPad Pro certainly looks slick, but we’re not sure it’s ready to replace your laptop just yet.

We’re not going to lie; we have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the new iPad Pro for a while now. Yesterday, Apple finally delivered. The iPad has grown from its early days of being a content consumption device into a capable content creation device. Apple’s slogan for the new iPad Pro is ‘your next computer is not a computer,’ but is it really ready for creatives to use full time?

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The DoBox Pro Makes the iPad Pro Easier for Photographers to Use

dobox pro

The DoBox Pro promises to help you get more done while on the road with your iPad Pro.

Thanks to the recent update to the new iPadOS, users of Apple’s iPad Pro series, and even users of regular iPad’s have seen some dramatic changes to their tablets. The latest update added a host of new features, including support for external storage, mouse and trackpad support, and full file management. As you can imagine, many users now see the iPad Pros as a viable alternative to carrying around a full-blown laptop. Companies like DoBox Ltd are now making accessories that make that even more feasible. Their new DoBox Pro is aimed at iPad Pro power users like photographers, and it will bring a lot of connectivity options to the platform. Continue reading…

The Libra Trackpad and Keyboard Turns Your iPad Into a Mac Alternative

Libra Trackpad and Keyboard

The Libra Trackpad and Keyboard should help you get much more out of your iPad Pro.

The Apple’s iPad Pro is an incredible devices that allow media and content creators to get work done while on the road. The iPad can do just about as much as a Mac, but the on-screen keyboard leaves a lot to be desired. The Libra Trackpad and Keyboard from Sentis is aiming to make the iPad Pro more user-friendly for those who require a mouse and a keyboard. Join us after the break to find out more about this innovative iPad add-on. Continue reading…

The iPad Pro Is a Powerhouse for Creators, But Could Always Be Better

The iPad Pro has proven itself to be a powerful tool for photographers on the go, and with new models on the horizon, we take a quick look at what current models bring to the creator’s table, and what we’d like to see going forward.

The iPad Pro can be found in photography studios and photographers’ tool kits around the globe and they’re used for good reason. While I don’t always agree with what Apple does, it is hard to deny the fact that the company has the best tablet ever made as part of their portfolio. The iPad Pro took the device to new heights, and its capabilities were quickly loved by those in creative fields. Here we take a quick look at why the iPad Pro can become a photographer’s best friend, and what we would love to see in new models going forward. Continue reading…

Report: Adobe Working on a Full Version of Photoshop for iPad

Following in the footsteps of their experiment with Lightroom CC, a new report indicates Adobe has new plans for Photoshop on iPad.

Say what you will about Lightroom CC, but what Adobe has done here over the last year or two in developing a single cohesive experience for users across mobile phone and tablet experiences as well as on traditional computing platforms such as laptops and desktops has been impressive. Now, according to a Bloomberg report, Adobe is taking what they have learned through that endeavor and have shifted their Photoshop strategy in a similar direction, with a fully functional Photoshop app for iPad. Continue reading…