WhiteWall’s AR App Shows You How a Photo Print Looks on Your Wall

Take the guess work out of how your images will look on your homes walls with this cool augmented reality app from WhiteWall.

Have you ever wondered what some of your images would look like if they were framed and were hanging on your walls? Have you decided against purchasing images before because you just couldn’t picture if they would fit in? Thanks to the wonders of augmented reality, and a new app from WhiteWall, you can now see exactly what your images will look like when they’re being displayed in all their glory. All you need is a smartphone. Join us after the break to find out more about this amazing technology, and for the official WhiteWall press release.

WhiteWall are one of the first companies to take advantage of Apple’s augmented reality kit. By utilizing the camera on your iPhone or iPad, the WhiteWall AR app can create a to-scale visual representation of the walls in your home. That in itself is pretty cool, but once the wall has been scanned your image is displayed on the wall giving you an exact representation of what a real print of your work will look like, and that’s even better.

This application has been designed to help photographers see how good their work will look hanging up. Photos are meant to be printed and enjoyed, and anything that can help us see and understand that is great!

augmented reality

Using the app is as simple as choosing the image you would like to see, and then you just let the phone scan the floor and the wall. After just a few moments you will see your image on your wall. You can then apply various frames, and can change the size of the image in the 3D rendering so that you can see how the picture will fit. You can even move about the virtual room so you can see the image from different angles; it’s really quite amazing. If you like what you see, you can order the print right from the app.

This type of technology is really going to revolutionize what we do as photographers, and seeing as it’s still in its infancy it’s impressive to see what can already be done. I can imagine being able to use technology like this to sell prints to clients eventually. Imagine doing an image reveal with a client, and being able to show them exactly what their portraits will look like hanging up in their home. Now that’s exciting. Anything that can make our lives better is always a good thing.

How do you feel about technology like this? Do you think that augmented reality will eventually play a big roll in what we do as photographers? How do you see it shaping the future of photography? Let us know in the comment section below.

If you would like to the try the free WhiteWall AR app you can download it to your iPhone or iPad.

Brett Day

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