Is the New Capture One for iPad Enough to Win Over Lightroom Users?

Capture One for iPad is finally making its debut eight years after competitor Adobe Lightroom came to the platform. This is the future CEO Rafael Orta spoke about with us last year. And while this is a new beginning for Capture One’s mobile future, we’re not yet seeing the AI features he hinted at. Maybe that will come in future releases. At the moment, Capture One for iPad is most likely going to change how so many photographers use the program. Here’s what you need to know about Capture One for iPad.

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My Problem with Apple Photos as a Photographer

A while back, Apple gave us a really cool feature in the Photos app: reading text in the images. Combined with the ability to detect faces, locations, etc., this is immensely useful. You can search for things like photos of your favorite slice of pizza with relative ease. But I, like many photographers, send images to my iPhone from my Mac or other devices. And for some odd reason, Apple neglects to give us the option to search for one of the most important things. What am I talking about?

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Apple’s Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge Shows that Gear Matters

When the Apple Shot on iPhone Macro challenge launched, we were pretty critical of it. Today, they’re announcing the winners of the challenge. To enter, you had to purchase a brand new iPhone. Apple let us take a look at the winning images before the announcement. The prize is, well, very little. And as much as we’d like to say that the gear doesn’t matter, the winning images leave us wanting.

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Apple’s Shot on iPhone Contest Has a Big Problem

Technically speaking, Apple’s New Shot on iPhone Contest has a minimum entry fee of around $1,000. It’s not a literal fee, but you can only enter if you’re using their latest iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max. The Shot on iPhone contest has been around for years, but the prizes haven’t really gotten any better. Photographers as it is are hesitant about entering contests and what the contests actually do for photographers. And in this case, it’s a tone-deaf tech company that cares more about its product than about photographers.

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Is The New Razer Blade the Most Powerful Laptop for Photographers?

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It isn’t often that I get hyped about PCs for photographers, but Razer is one of those brands that’s slowly winning me over. When going through this press deck, I audibly exclaimed, “What!” out loud. That’s because the new Razer Blade 17 is packing in a whole lot of formidable power into a laptop. Many of us photographers have been looking for a good replacement for our laptops and are really sick of the dongle life. I was driving myself crazy for an hour just yesterday, looking for the right cable for my iMac. And the Razer Blade 17 is doing a whole lot to help me and potentially other photographers.

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The Razer Raptor Offers Great Features for Budget Loving Photographers

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At E3 2021, the Razer Raptor made its debut. E3 is a gaming show, but it doesn’t mean that some of these things can’t be used for photographers at all. Monitors are something that photographers are bound to find finicky. If you’re team Apple, then there’s a lot more color consistency. And on the PC side, that’s not always the case. But the new Razer Raptor is a fascinating hybrid. It doesn’t have the highest display output; and that’s probably fine for Macbook Pro Users.

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The New Razer Blade 15 Advanced Has Something Photographers Want

The new Razer Blade 15 Advanced is showing a whole lot of promise for photographers.

The last Razer Blade 15 laptop we reviewed was back in 2020, and we really liked it! Razer has been known for appealing to gamers, but in recent years they’ve been making moves in the creative space. Today, they’re introducing the new Razer Blade 15 Advanced. It’s important to note that they have keyboards more akin to what we’re used to with Apple computers. They’re also bringing Wifi 6, a UHS-III SD Card Reader, a full HD webcam, two Thunderbolt 4.0 ports, and USB-C charging. This sounds positively fantastic and very promising.

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Could the New 14-Inch MacBook Pro Finally Have an SD Card Slot?

Apple is reported to be introducing a new 14-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 processor and an SD Card Reader.

Most editors here at The Phoblographer have Macbooks. More specifically, we’ve got older ones. Hillary and I haven’t upgraded since 2015 because of the lack of an SD card reader. To boot, we haven’t been delighted with any of the PC offerings out there. But reports of a new 14-inch MacBook Pro seem incredibly intriguing. This would seemingly replace the 13-inch option and perhaps change camera bag design for years to come.

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Apple Could Be Getting Into the Camera Game In A Unique Way

Many have called on Apple to do more with cameras, and this will definitely be something new for them.

Apple is a company that likes to dip its hands into many different electronic markets. We all, of course, know about their smartphone empire, their computers, iPods, iPads, headphones, and even their much-speculated electric car. But what about cameras and other items that use them? Apple has been making waves with their iPhone cameras for sure, but will they ever break into another market that utilizes cameras? The answer to that is yes, apparently. News of an augmented reality headset has been floating around for a little while now. While it might not be a camera announcement we have been looking for, it’s still pretty cool. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Is a Great Tool, But a Mediocre Camera at Best

We recently finished putting the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max through its paces.

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is a powerful tool for many reasons. One of the big reasons why our EIC uses it is AirDrop, but it’s also an incredible camera and communication device. Apple released ProRAW a while back. And we decided to use it with a few other cool gadgets. We discussed that in our recent episode of Pro Camera Reviews.

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There’s Better. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Review

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max camera is a very valuable tool for journalists, but it’s also just a lot of fun!

Our staff always says that photography should be fun. And for us, it isn’t always fun. Some cameras are too serious. Some are too complicated. But the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max camera is both fun and useful. One of my best friends is an Editor at a large Tech Publication. He’s been shooting for years, and has gotten sick of dedicated cameras. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max embraces the fun associated with spontaneity that Canon and Fuji don’t. It even rival’s Sony’s fantastic controls on their Xperia 1 Mk II. And if this were the only camera you had on you, I really couldn’t blame you.

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Is It Good For Photographers? Lenovo Yoga 9i 15-inch Review

The Lenovo Yoga 9i offers a lot of promise for photographers but falls flat in some ways.

When it was announced, I wondered how the Lenovo Yoga 9i would do for photographers. Like many of you, I still own a 2015 13-inch MacBook Pro. That, for us, was the best laptop you could get your hands on for photography. But we’re now six years later. And PCs have come a long way. Unfortunately, they’re not all still appealing to photographers. The Lenovo Yoga 9i is targeted at both gamers and creatives. Lenovo got a whole lot right about this laptop. But they also did some things that made me not want to use it at all.

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The Idea of the Apple Macbook Pro Classic Excites Me

There’s a chance Apple might bring back the SD Card Port.

All that I’ve wanted as a photographer is an SD card port. More specifically, I’ve wanted one that doesn’t suck. The one on the iMac 2019 doesn’t play well with new SD cards. In fact, having an SD card port is mandatory for me to buy a computer. That’s why I still use the early 2015 MacBook Pro. Couple that with a great keyboard and good specs, of course! And the word on the street is that there’s a glimmer of hope for us photographers in a concept I’d like to call the Apple MacBook Pro Classic.

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The Best Thing to Happen to Photo Editing in a While: RNI Aero Review

RNI Aero is one of the best and most innovative things to happen to photography in a while.

There’s a particular look that is of value to many photographers. For years, they’ve been trying to find a simple way to emulate Kodak Aerochrome. This legendary film turns greens into pinks/oranges/red. And RNI finally accomplished it with RNI Aero. We talked to them about how they were doing it a while back. The application is available as Lightroom Presets, a Capture One integration, and on your phone. With this look, you’re getting a much different approach to the standard images you shoot, and embracing something very different. But we’ve been using it for a while.

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The New HP ZBook Firefly G8 Targets Photographers Using Macbooks

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Every time I hear about laptops targeting creatives, I get really excited. The new HP ZBook Firefly G8 seems to be targeted Macbook users pretty hard. Specifically, in their press release, they claim the weight of their 14-inch variant to be around that of a MacBook Pro 13″! That’s impressive. As a working journalist, I’ve always preferred 13-inch laptops. But I’m very intrigued if I can get more real estate for the same weight.

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Listen Up! The Phoblographer Daily Podcast Is Now Live!

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You asked for it, and we listened! And now, you can listen to us! In fact, you can listen to us almost everywhere you get your podcasts. When you’ve found that you haven’t had time to sit back and read the site, you can listen to it instead. That’s why we created The Phoblographer Daily. We’ve had this function for a while now. There’s a special Listen to the Article button that reads the piece to you on many of our articles. And now we’ve turned our articles into full podcasts. Best of all, they’re quick and easy to listen to.

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The HP ZBook Fury 17 Has Something Every Photographer Wants

The new HP ZBook Fury 17 should be taken seriously by photographers.

Most working photographers prefer desktops with larger screens. But you can’t always have that. And the HP ZBook Fury 17 seems to have most of what a photographer will need. It’s gargantuan, and there aren’t many camera bags that can even support a 17.3-inch laptop. You can customize the HP ZBook Fury 17 to be more potent than your iMac. It can boast up to 128GB of RAM, 2TB of Hard Drive space, and can use a 10th generation Intel i5, i7, i9, or Xeon processor. Depending on the display you choose, you can also cover 100% of the DCI-P3 spectrum. HP is also providing a choice between AMD Radeon or NVIDIA graphics. All these sound great, but the HP ZBook Fury 17 still has an even better feature for photographers.

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Flickr Has Been Home to Promiscuous and Pornographic Photos (NSFW)

Tumblr had the hammer brought down on them for NSFW content, but Flickr avoided this somehow.

“Always thought that was more of a 500px thing,” said Phoblographer’s Reviews Editor Paul Ip in our staff Facebook chat. The rest of the staff agreed and never knew about the porn community on Flickr. To Mr. Ip’s point, 500px was always known for its affinity for nudes produced by Russian photographers. Depending on how liberal-minded you are, nudity and pornography aren’t the same things. Most people probably aren’t aware of Flickr’s more wild side. Ask most photographers in your friend circle or network, and you’ll find that most don’t use Flickr anymore. If they do, then they’re probably over the age of 35.

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Here’s How the Apple iPhone Triggers the Profoto B10 Professional Flash

If you’re a Profoto B10 flash owner, you’re going to enjoy the latest Profoto AirX update.

Not long ago, Profoto updated its Apple iPhone app to let the Profoto B10 trigger a flash with the Profoto Camera App. Let’s be clear here; no one is going to go out and buy the Profoto B10 just to shoot with their phone. I think that would be a pretty stupid idea. But instead, you now have an extra added capability. My Profoto B10 has a Sony transmitter, Canon transmitter, Fujifilm transmitter, and I can also personally use it to shoot photos. Better yet, I don’t have to use the constant light. Instead, I can enjoy the natural pop that a flash can give you. Profoto has developed a proprietary technology to do this. You can take a look at our Profoto B10 review and spot the update there for yourself. So how does it work? We spoke to Marko Pirc–who found his way to Profoto after working on the Lumu light meter for your iPhone.

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Deal Alert: Grab the 10.2-inch Apple iPad for $249 (32GB), $329 (128GB)

The iPads make a great companions for photographers who like to do some photo editing while on the go, and for many more reasons.

Long gone are the days of Apple iPads being outrageously priced and out of reach for many. Now you can get well spec’d, very capable tablets that can help you as a photographer in many ways on the cheap. Right now, you can score a 10.2 inch iPad with 32GB of storage for just $249.99, and for only $329.99 you can bump the storage up to 128GB. I use my iPad all the time for photo editing and as a Wacom style tablet with the Apple Pencil when linked to my iMac via SideCar. At these prices, these tablets are no-brainers. Find out more after the break.

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