Canon EOS R10 First Impressions: Better Than a Rebel

Make no mistake, the Canon EOS R7 will steal the spotlight for today’s announcements from Canon. But the Canon EOS R10 is no slouch. This camera is designed for people who want something better than their smartphones. Those people are also budget conscious and most likely won’t understand many of the controls. To boot, they’ll also want something smaller and lighter. The Canon EOS R10 fits those needs according to Canon. But I’m not totally sure about that.

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Canon EOS R7 First Impressions: Better Than the Sony a6600?

The person who buys the Canon EOS R7 is bound to be the same person who purchased the Canon 7D Mk II years ago. Action photographers and wildlife photographers will love its specs and performance. You should know that the Canon EOS R7 has the Canon EOS R3’s autofocus. Previous Canon users will also appreciate its 1.6x crop sensor. So, if you take an award-winning autofocus system and shove it into an APS-C camera, how will it do? And more importantly, how is Canon really differentiating this for action and sports photography?

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Photographer Ben Franke on the Thrill of Parkour Photography

“Safety is the number one priority when shooting and I always leave it up to the athlete if they want to do the jump or not,” Photographer Ben Franke tells us about photographing parkour. Ben, like many other photographers, loves his Leica. His work is proof that the decisive moment isn’t just limited to the M-series. But there’s an entire backstory to how Ben gets his shots. And as he tells us, there can be a long time between getting the location and the shoot just right.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Staying Sharp for Action Shots

When it comes to action shots, getting your shutter speed right is only one part of the equation. With this photography cheat sheet, you’ll also be able to use your camera’s AF points to ensure sharp photos.

Photographing moving subjects can be tricky, especially for beginners. Not only will it require using fast shutter speeds to freeze movement, but also nailing the focus. Today’s photography cheat sheet will help you with the latter through some tips for choosing the right AF point depending on how your subject is moving.

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Sports Photography: Five Outstanding Lenses That Will Help You Capture the Play of the Game

Sports photographers need to capture game winning plays, and with these lenses your odds of being the MVP of sports photography will improve.

It can happen in the blink of an eye: the game winning pass, the half court shot, the game saving tackle. In these situations you have to be able to rely on your gear to keep up with the action. Lenses for sports photography need to be able to handle the elements well, cover multiple focal lengths, provide great image quality, and be fast to focus. These five lenses offer all of that and more.

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The Five Cameras Every Sports Photographer Should Consider

Sports photography is tough, sports photographers are tough, and the cameras used by sports photographers have to be their equal.

The nights are drawing in, temperatures are starting to fall, and soon the smell of pumpkin spice will fill the air. This can mean only two things: Fall is coming, and Friday night lights of football stadiums will be fired up.

Sports photography is tough, sports photographers are tough, and the cameras used by sports photographers have to be their equal. Weather sealing is a must, fast autofocus is needed, and high ISO performance has to be stellar, but which camera should you choose? Here at the Phoblographer we like to help you with these decisions, so here is a list of the five cameras every sports photographer should consider.

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Jason Halayko Shoots with Passion for Action

All images and words by Jason Halayko. Used with permission.

My name is Jason Halayko, and I am a Canadian-born photographer who is now based in Tokyo, Japan. I have been doing photography for around 20 years (since many hours of time in the high school darkroom) and have been doing it as a full professional for the last 3 years. The main types of photography that do would be action sports, portraits, street photography, event photography, etc. I personally really love shooting action photography and working with the crazy athletes that take their sports to the extreme edge and even beyond at many times. This is what I am best known for as a photographer, and especially for my work with Red Bull here in Japan over the last 10 years.

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Red Bull Illume Releases More Astonishing Sneak Peek Photographs

All images used with permission from Red Bull. Lead image by Robb Thompson.

As it draws closer to the grand finale of the Red Bull Illume, the world’s greatest international photography contest dedicated to action and adventure sports on September 28th 2016, more sneak peek photographs randomly selected from the pool of 34,624 images are made available, showcasing exceptionally high levels of action and sports photography.

The sneak peak images highlight action and adventure sports photography at its best, covering various genres from rock climbing and high-lining to free-diving, skateboarding and snow sports. The photographs were taken at breathtakingly beautiful locations from all over the globe with outstandingly creative shooting techniques. Each and every one of the images from the sneak peek is truly inspirational.

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This Photoshop Action Makes Double Exposure Images Simple

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.40.27 AM

Images used with permission from Eugene Smith

Double exposure images are fun and super creative once you get the right hang of it, but a new Photoshop action is looking to make double exposure work really simple. Photographer Eugene Smith has created this simple action, and for $4, you can create better double exposures and then fine tune them accordingly in Photoshop.

Of course, you won’t be the photographers who do double exposures in their camera and doing this within digital cameras is also possible if your camera allows it, Now, if you’re a Photoshop user, you can create awesome double exposures with ease.

More details are after the jump.

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The Elinchrom ELB 400 is a Portable 424 Watt Second Monolight System


While Elinchrom hasn’t really done a lot to revolutionize the lighting market, many photographers are very happy with their products. Indeed, they can deliver some stunning results. Today, they’re looking to change things a bit differently. Like the Profoto B2 announced earlier last week, the ELB 400 is a portable solution that offers the power of monolights but with more portability. Unlike Profoto though, Elinchrom doesn’t have TTL light meter integration. For many professional strobists and photographers, that isn’t a problem as they’d rather have full control rather than rely on what a camera thinks is what they want.

The Elinchrom ELB 400 is a 424 watt second monolight system all based off of the battery pack. The pack controls the power output and all while the heads simply transmit the lighting. The system uses Quadra heads and Elinchrom claims that their LED display will be very intuitive. The battery pack has a Skyport transmitter built in, so you just need to use the one that attaches onto your camera and is part of the kit.

These lights are being targeted at the action/adventure photography crowd with a big emphasis on extreme sports. With that said, there are heads specifically designed for Action shooting, though there are also heads designed for Pro use. They’re also boasting a maximum recycle time of 3.5 seconds or 1.5 seconds in fast mode, plus up to 6,000 battery pops.

We’re going to ask for review units, but we’re sure that the lights may be a nice addition to what current Elinchrom users have.

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This Video Shows Why GoPros and Pogo Sticks are the Best Combination Ever


GoPro cameras are tremendous fun. And so are pogo sticks. While you may not necessarily associate these two with each other, they do make a lot of sense in combination. Because when you mount a GoPro camera to a pogo stick … you get the idea. And that’s exactly what this group of professional pogo stick jumpers (is there a specific term for a person using a pogo stick?) did–they grabbed a couple of GoPros, attached them to their jumpy thingies, and set off to do some stunts. And the results are spectacular.

We could try and waste a couple more words to describe this video, but it wouldn’t really make any sense at all. Just take a look yourself, and you’ll understand. Head past the break for the video.

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Capturing Movement with Daniel DeArco

julius motal daniel dearco 02

Daniel DeArco is a 22-year-old photographer who has crafted a career around the human body. Originally trained as a dancer, DeArco experienced a series of unfortunate events that led him from a prospective career in Cirque du Soleil to a successful career as a photographer. His understanding of movement has helped him develop a creative vision that has set his work apart from others in his field. He seeks to create timeless moments in which the performer is the sole focus of the photograph.

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Creating the Photograph: Daniel DeArco’s “Acrobatic Temper”


Creating the Photograph is an original series where we interview photographers about a photo that they shot and how it was achieved. The results are some knowledge passed on to you. Want to be featured? Email chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com.

Dan DeArco is a photographer based in California and describes himself as a commercial dance/action photographer. He got into doing this type of work because he was a dancer and acrobat himself. He uses knowledge of the human body and creative ideas to create the photos that he does. Upon finding some of his work on 500px, we were intrigued by his Acrobatic Temper image. Dan’s image uses a method called Stroboscopic flash in order to get all of this into one image.

Here’s his story.

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Useful Photography Tip #98: Pre-Focus for Better Action Shots

Felix Esser The Phoblographer kid action pre-focusing

Taking pictures of fast-moving subjects can be difficult. Pre-focusing often helps a lot.

Want more Useful Photography Tips? Check them out here.

Taking images of fast moving subjects can be very difficult–and we’re using the term ‘fast moving’ very loosely here. A fast moving subject can be anything from a racing car coming your way at terminal velocity, to a snail trying to cross the street. Ultimately, what is fast depends on how quickly and how accurately your camera’s autofocus is able to lock on to a subject that is not holding still. Some cameras are better suited at this, while some have a hard time locking on to anything that moves only slightly.

This is one of the reasons why sports photographer usually go for high-end DSLRs, as these have the most elaborate and advanced AF systems. A very good AF system and a lens that is quick to focus are a necessity if you regularly take pictures of moving things, persons, or animals. But not every scenario that involves a subject on the move is as unpredictable as a tennis player pacing across the court. So for some situations, there is a simple but effective trick to work around your camera’s autofocus limitations: to pre-focus.

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Peak Design’s POV Kit Lets You Use Any Camera Like a GoPro

Felix Esser The Phoblographer Peak Design POV Kit

Peak Design, the guys behind the Capture Clip which we reviewed here at The Phoblographer (both the original and the new pro version), have recently been funding a new product via Kickstarter, called the POV Kit. Basically, it’s an attachment for your Capture Clip, and it lets you use pretty much any camera like a GoPro. At Photo Plus Expo 2013, we got a short demonstration of the device, and we have to say that Peak Design seems to have done it again.

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MindShift Gear’s Tripod Suspension Kit is a Pair of Suspenders for Your Tripod

MindShift Gear Tripod Suspension Kit

If ordinary suspenders won’t cut it for you because honestly, they were only just a hipster fad, here’s a new style to try: why not carry your tripod on suspenders? No, really. That’s what MindShift Gear want you to do. Because it’s the new hip thing. Or rather, because they assume that it will be more comfortable than carrying it by hand, which apparently a lot of MindShift Gear customers do. So they made the Tripod Suspension Kit, for those who think it’s fun having a tripod hanging from your neck, dangling just above your waistline and poking you in the side with every step you make.

On the other hand, you’ll have your tripod easily accessible. Which might not be such a bad idea after all, if you’re roaming the countryside taking pictures all the time. Still, we believe a tripod is best stored in a backpack. But who are we to tell you what to do with your tripod … Head over to MindShift Gear’s website for more info. And if you’re into that neck-hanging-waistline-dangling-side-poking thing, the MindShift Gear Tripod Suspension Kit can be yours for US-$ 47.50.

Red Bull Announces Action & Adventure Sports Images of the Year 2013

Lorenz Holder, Red Bull Illume 2013 Overall Winner, with winning photograph in background

Lorenz Holder, Red Bull Illume 2013 Overall Winner, with winning photograph in background

At a ceremony held in Hong Kong today, Red Bull announced the winners of the 2013 Red Bull Illume action & adventure sport photography contest. Among the finalists were photographers from all over the world–the overall winner, however, was Lorenz Holder from Germany. For his picture of a snowboarder riding a giant satellite dish, Holder was awarded, among other things, a brand new Leica S medium format DSLR camera. The ten category winners were each awarded a Leica X2 camera. After the ceremony, the top 50 images were unveiled along Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars, each on its own 6 ft by 6 ft light box.

The top ten finalist images can be found after the break.

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