The Elinchrom ELB 400 is a Portable 424 Watt Second Monolight System


While Elinchrom hasn’t really done a lot to revolutionize the lighting market, many photographers are very happy with their products. Indeed, they can deliver some stunning results. Today, they’re looking to change things a bit differently. Like the Profoto B2 announced earlier last week, the ELB 400 is a portable solution that offers the power of monolights but with more portability. Unlike Profoto though, Elinchrom doesn’t have TTL light meter integration. For many professional strobists and photographers, that isn’t a problem as they’d rather have full control rather than rely on what a camera thinks is what they want.

The Elinchrom ELB 400 is a 424 watt second monolight system all based off of the battery pack. The pack controls the power output and all while the heads simply transmit the lighting. The system uses Quadra heads and Elinchrom claims that their LED display will be very intuitive. The battery pack has a Skyport transmitter built in, so you just need to use the one that attaches onto your camera and is part of the kit.

These lights are being targeted at the action/adventure photography crowd with a big emphasis on extreme sports. With that said, there are heads specifically designed for Action shooting, though there are also heads designed for Pro use. They’re also boasting a maximum recycle time of 3.5 seconds or 1.5 seconds in fast mode, plus up to 6,000 battery pops.

We’re going to ask for review units, but we’re sure that the lights may be a nice addition to what current Elinchrom users have.

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