Useful for a Lightweight Hike – Lowepro RunAbout BP 18L Review

When the package from Lowepro arrived at my home, I was surprised by the size of the rolled-up backpack. It crumples down to about the size of an extra-large burrito or rolled up bath towel. At just over 400 grams, the Lowepro RunAbout BP 18L won’t weigh you down when you’re on a hike. And for those who are conscious of how earth-friendly a company is, this bag is made of 84% recycled fabric. It’s made to easily hold the Lowepro GearUp series of camera inserts. But how good is it for those who don’t own any of these?

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How to Shoot Moody Natural Light Portraits

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you could create moody portraits, courtesy of photographer Ben Chambers.

We’ve featured a ton of tutorials on taking natural light portraits by many talented photographers here on the website. Today, we’re adding one more. If you’ve always wanted to perfect shooting moody natural light portraits, this tutorial by Australian wedding photographer Ben Chambers of Bach Photography is for you. In Ben’s 12 minute-long tutorial, uploaded on his YouTube channel, he showed the process of how he created a particular portrait shot, as seen above and below. He took the photo with a 5D Mark IV and Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art Lens but said that similar results can be achieved with an APS-C camera with a 35mm prime lens.

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See Tatyana Zadorin’s Quick Demo of a Natural Light Outdoor Portrait Shoot

Screenshot image from the video by Tatyana Zadorin.

Using only the bare necessities, photographer Tatyana Zadorin was able to pull off a pretty cool natural light outdoor portrait shoot when she traveled to South Carolina, USA to visit her family.  The seven-minute behind-the-scenes video titled Natural Light OUTDOOR Portrait Photography – Behind the Scenes mostly showed Tatyana demonstrating how she made use of her Canon 5D Mark III and a couple of lenses Canon lenses with 85mm and 35mm focal lengths. She also offered the settings that she shot her photos with for those who want to emulate her images.

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Four Camera Bags to Hit the Trails With This Fall

Camera bags are a vital accessory for all photographers, and each bag serves to fill a specific role.

Bags designed for urban use will not fare well out in the great wide open, where as bags designed to be used for hiking will be too bulky to roam around the streets in the city center.  If you are looking for a new bag to hike with, take a look at these four cameras bags to hit the trails with this Fall.

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The Inrigo Is a Smart, Waterpoof Backpack for Your Camera and Gear

If you do a lot of photography in wet locations, you’ll definitely find the Inrigo a useful camera backpack for protecting your gear.

If the Inrigo camera backpack looks unlike any camera bag you’ve seen before, that’s because it’s not your ordinary camera bag. First, it’s a waterproof bag, much like the dry bag you use when you when you go to the beach or anywhere your valuables can potentially get wet. Second, it’s a smart bag that monitors the humidity inside and alerts the user when there’s too much moisture in the bag.

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Vincent Brod Captures the Beauty of Early Mornings in the Great Outdoors

All images by Vincent Brod. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Nature is beautiful whatever time of day or year. However, those who spend a lot of time in the great outdoors — especially photographers — also know that nature becomes extra magical during the so-called Golden Hour. One such photographer, Frankfurt-based Vincent Brod, found himself in awe of the golden sunrise he witnessed while on a trip to a stunning lakeside.

While not at all related to Japan, In the Land of the Rising Sun is Vincent’s effort to capture a glorious morning he spent along the banks of Lake Plansee in Tyrol, Austria. While he didn’t tell much about the details of the trip, we can get an idea from his short description. “A sunrise that makes sleeping in the car totally worth it.” I can imagine he did a long drive with a friend to find a nice spot by the lakeside one afternoon, and decided to spend the night there to catch the sunrise the next day. It was indeed all worth it, and they have the photos to prove it.

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Brendon Burton Creates a Cinematic Exploration of the “New American West”

All images by Brendon Burton. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When we hear of the American West, we immediately associate it with its landscapes and distinct culture. Portland-based Brendon Burton, however, explores what he considers as the “New American West” with a recent series of cinematic conceptual work called Western Gothic.

According to Brandon, his work is focused on “studying the side effects of cultural isolation and the concept of liminal space.” Part of this is a fascination for vacant and decaying places which was sparked by his childhood on a farm in an isolated community, For the curious, liminal space is, in the simplest sense, a place of transition and where waiting often takes place. Western Gothic is indeed teeming with these elements, both in the setting and the visual narrative housed by each photo.

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Landscape Photographers! These 10 Lenses Will Do You Well For Under $600

Mountain near, Mountain far… You’re gonna need a lens for that. 

Calling all landscape photographers! Are you interested in expanding your kits but want to do so on the cheap? Well you’re in luck, not only because landscape lenses are already somewhat affordable, but because today we are going to share our picks for 10 landscape lenses you can get your hands on for under $600 each!

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Tenba Introduces New Solstice Backpacks for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The new Tenba Solstice backpacks allow you to cram a ton of gear into them.

For its entry into the outdoor enthusiast market, Tenba has announced the release of its new Solstice Backpacks. Designed for adventurous photographers, filmmakers, and creatives who are always on the go, the Solstice promises to provide secure gear access and all-day carrying comfort. Tenba’s new collection of camera backpacks come in 12L, 20L, and 24L sizes, and have a number of features that outdoor photographers and filmmakers find important when they’re on the road. The Solstice backpacks were designed to have comfort, secure access, adjustment provisions, protective interior, ample space for gear and laptops, durability, and weather resistance.

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How to Rediscover Your Passion for Landscape Photography

Screenshot image from the video by Adam Karnacz

Feeling bored of shooting landscapes lately? Well, you’re not alone. While mostly enthusiastic about landscape photography, photographer and filmmaker Adam Karnacz found himself stuck in a rut and burnt out for some weeks. In his recent video, he talks about how he rediscovered his love for photographing landscapes during an early morning shoot in North Yorkshire.

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5 Tips on How to Choose a Location for Natural Light Portraiture

Shooting portraits in natural light can honestly sometimes be tougher than using a flash; but that’s considering you haven’t done any sort of scouting beforehand. However, natural light portraiture can be pretty simple if you can find a way to figure out the artistic vision parts, as the technical parts can be pretty simple too once you pay attention and carefully think about what you want.

Here are a bunch of tips on how to make the most of natural light for portraits.

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Tips on Doing Outdoor Portraiture At Different Times of the Night or Day

Don’t listen to anyone that tells you that wonderful portraiture can’t be created during anytime of the day or night. There are great ways to shoot equally great portraits during the day or night and they don’t always involve the use of a flash. Instead, they rely more on a photographer’s ability to see and understand light. For starters, you’re going to tell you to use spot metering. Now that you’ve got that locked in, here’s how you make great portraits.

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The Phoblographer Answers: Why Does Film Have Weird Colors at Night?

Very recently, we were asked about how to use film at night time. The reason: during the day a standard roll of color film will come out looking very nice and true to life. But at night, you don’t get quite the same results. So why gives? If you’re a digital photographer that later picked up film (the same way many of us did) then it’s easy for you to get super confused and possibly not even think about what’s going on here.

But in truth, it has everything to do with the white balance that you’d easily adjust in digital post production.

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Life in Focus: Scott Markewitz on Shooting Over 400 Magazine Covers

Man road biking, Marin Headlands, California.

All photos by Scott Markewitz, used with permission.

Scott Markewitz has been a photographer with a vision for many years. He has travelled to many places shooting outdoor sports and skiing for a while. In fact, Scott has over 400 magazine covers to his name–which is quite an astonishing feat. So when we asked him what made for a great ski photo, he gave us a simple answer that was brief and to the point since he’s been thinking about it for so many years.

We managed to find some time in Scott’s busy schedule to talk to him about the industry.

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Review: Gura Gear Bataflae 18L Backpack


The Gura Gear line of backpacks was conceived to haul gear, lots of gear, on photo-treks and safaris with their smartly designed bags that are relatively non-descript looking. The new Bataflae series is the replacement for its Kiboko predecessor and arrives in three distinct carrying capacities, denoted in the name by how many liters of space is available. Depending on how much gear you need to carry you can choose from three capacities, 18L / 26L / 32L, to haul your stash of glass and silicon. This review will be covering the 18L size. Head on past the break for our full review.

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Changing The Quality of Light Outdoors

Finding soft light on a hard light day

Photo by Chris Gampat

I’ve talked about changing the qualities of light before in my post Understanding light: Intensity vs. Quality, but mostly in regards to the studio. When shooting outdoors you are subject to the elements. Sometimes you get a cloudy day when you want soft lighting or a bright sunny day when you want strong shadows. Other times you have the opposite of what you want that day – but there are still things you can do.

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