Vincent Brod Captures the Beauty of Early Mornings in the Great Outdoors

All images by Vincent Brod. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Nature is beautiful whatever time of day or year. However, those who spend a lot of time in the great outdoors — especially photographers — also know that nature becomes extra magical during the so-called Golden Hour. One such photographer, Frankfurt-based Vincent Brod, found himself in awe of the golden sunrise he witnessed while on a trip to a stunning lakeside.

While not at all related to Japan, In the Land of the Rising Sun is Vincent’s effort to capture a glorious morning he spent along the banks of Lake Plansee in Tyrol, Austria. While he didn’t tell much about the details of the trip, we can get an idea from his short description. “A sunrise that makes sleeping in the car totally worth it.” I can imagine he did a long drive with a friend to find a nice spot by the lakeside one afternoon, and decided to spend the night there to catch the sunrise the next day. It was indeed all worth it, and they have the photos to prove it.

The Golden Hour may be faint in the photos but it still bathed the scenery with a certain softness. It’s easy to imagine how extra-breathtaking it looks in real life; seeing how the trees and and the snowy peaks caught the golden rays in Vincent’s snaps. The slight fog in some of the photos also added to the drama of the place and the experience it gave.

Vincent’s photo diary is just one of our recent landscape and travel photography finds that certainly inspire us with wanderlust. If you enjoyed this set, you might also want to check out Dylan Lucas Gordon’s adventure-packed snaps in the Russian Arctic Circle.

Don’t forget to visit Vincent Brod’s Behance portfolio to see more of his travel sets and other photography projects.