How to Rediscover Your Passion for Landscape Photography

Screenshot image from the video by Adam Karnacz

Feeling bored of shooting landscapes lately? Well, you’re not alone. While mostly enthusiastic about landscape photography, photographer and filmmaker Adam Karnacz found himself stuck in a rut and burnt out for some weeks. In his recent video, he talks about how he rediscovered his love for photographing landscapes during an early morning shoot in North Yorkshire.

According to Adam, anyone can feel bored or burnt out when you keep doing the same things over and over, even if it’s something you love. Routine is often the culprit for this, so you have to consciously fight it or shake it off by switching things up. For him, it had to begin with getting himself to wake up early and head outdoors — something he didn’t really want to do at first.

Here’s what Adam did to change his situation in the video below:

What I find helpful is how Adam talks about why he thinks he’s bored with his landscape work, and the tips he provides on changing your perspective — literally and figuratively. Pinpointing exactly what makes you feel a certain way about your photography is one step forward in addressing the issue. For Adam, acknowledging and verbalizing that his problem was not landscape photography itself, but not wanting to go outdoors. This made it easier for him to figure out that the best thing to do was to “reset,” do something else for a while, and then make efforts to come back to shooting landscapes. In the end, the beautiful morning he spent shooting photos and drone footage outdoors was all worth it.

Literally changing the perspective from where you shoot is also often helpful in creating more interesting landscape shots. If you’re used to just photographing a scene straight ahead, try changing your angle to get some points of interest in your shot, like how he did for this shoot.

Check out Adam Karnacz’s website and YouTube Channel to watch more of his vlogs and photography tutorials.