Fall in Love with KONO Monolit 3 35mm Film!

My photography journey began over 20 years ago with black and white film in the darkroom. One of my best friends and I were in charge of ensuring there was plenty of developer and fresh fixer. In exchange, we were given a key to the darkroom to use whenever we wanted. We shot varying speeds of Kodak TMax and Ilford Delta and processed them in several different developer brands. I quickly fell in love with deep blacks and punchy contrast, and I fell hard. So, naturally I was thrilled when Editor-In-Chief Chris Gampat sent some KONO Monolit 3 for review.

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KONO! Announces New Limited Edition ROTWILD No2 Redscale Film

Looking for a new experimental emulsion to shoot your next project with? ROTWILD No2, the latest KONO! release could be a fun and fiery film to try.

Attention, film photographers! KONO! is ending 2019 with a bang; they just dropped a new, vibrant film for all you lovers of fun and funky emulsions. If you’ve ever been curious about trying out the redscale look but have no idea how to make one yourself, this is an option you might want to consider. The new ROTWILD No2 film joins the KONO! Classic Film lineup and is the second iteration of the ROTWILD ISO 400 redscale film. If you’ve been waiting for the ROTWILD ISO 400 to restock, you can grab this instead.

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KONO! Sunstroke and Moonstruck Now in Special Edition Single Use Cameras

Two of KONO!’s fun and experimental emulsions now come in convenient single-use cameras so you can whip them out and shoot straight away!

Ever been curious about the fun and funky KONO! Reanimated Films but don’t have a film camera to shoot them with yet? We bet you’ll be thrilled to learn that you can now try two of these straight away. With KONO’s latest collaboration comes the emulsions loaded in single-use cameras dubbed as the I’M FINE KONO! x NINM LAB Camera SUNSTROKE & MOONSTRUCK Special Editions.

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KONO! Launches New Funky 35mm Film, Introduces Original Six Pack

KONO! has just rolled out some new stuff for film photographers who enjoy shooting with their funky-colored emulsions.

It’s been a while since we heard something from the folks of KONO!, but they’re back with some welcome updates! First, they have a new, reanimated 35mm film: the Original MIRAGE. Second, their Original reanimated films now come in a Six Pack for those who want to try out a fun selection from their lineup! If you’re an experimental film photographer looking to try something new, these funky films could do the trick. The new KONO! film is the Original Mirage, which they described as being reanimated by not one, but two awesome colors. The effect changes from subtle hues when shot in sunny and bright conditions, to highly saturated colors when shot in the sunset. “Pictures shot in bright daylight invoke the feeling of a warm, late summer day and as soon as it gets darker, the colors get more prominent and richer.”

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Dubble Celebrates First Birthday With the Super Colorful JELLY 35mm Film Emulsion

Can’t get enough of colors that pop? Think your photos could use some extra colors? The new JELLY film by Dubble and KONO! will surely paint your photos with rainbow hues! 

Attention, film photographers! It’s Dubble’s first birthday and they came up with something fitting to celebrate. Say hello to the new JELLY film, which is also Dubble’s fifth launch in collaboration with KONO! The Reanimated Film. This new offering is a pre-exposed 35mm C41 film that promises to drench your snaps with brilliant colors. Think you can use it to paint your everyday photos in multi-colored hues? How about making your party snaps drip with psychedelia? Either way, looks like this new film should never go missing in your stash!

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KONO! Has Two New Black and White Film Emulsions for Analog Photographers

KONO! Rekorder and KONO! Monolit 64 are the company’s newest, exciting film emulsions available.

KONO! has always been a bit of a quirky company when it comes to their film emulsions, but they have to embrace this in order to actually stand out from the digital world that continues to try (and fail) to emulate the look of film. Today, they’re announcing two new film emulsions; KONO! Rekorder and KONO! Monolit 64. And the good news is these are still in line with their quirkiness and identity as a company.

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Dubble and KONO! Introduce New Monsoon and Bubblegum Tinted 35mm Films

Dubble and KONO! are back with two new tinted 35mm emulsions for fun film photographs.

Following the success of their first collaboration last year, Dubble and KONO! have once again joined forces to create two new reanimated films: Dubblefilm Bubblegum and Dubblefilm Monsoon. If you missed the first two films, you might be interested in getting your hands on these new editions.

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KONO! and Dubble Team Up to Create Sunstroke and Moonstruck 35mm Film Emulsions

The choice of Sunstroke & Moonstruck films is almost like what Poke’mon you’re going to choose

There are two brand new films on the market today: they’re called Dubblefilm Moonstruck and Dubblefilm Sunstroke. These films are a collaboration between KONO! and Dubble; and they’re available only in 35mm format. These aren’t your typical Kodak Gold, Fujifilm Superia or films like that. Instead, these are special films. Well, that depends on what your definition of special really is.

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KONO! Films Now Come in Single Rolls

Heads up, film photographers! If you’re looking for some new and experimental films to try, KONO! has recently made their selection of films available for purchase in single rolls. This makes sampling their funky films easier on the pocket, especially if you’re more keen on variety than quantity for testing them out.

If you’re not yet familiar with KONO!, it’s an alternative film company that produces some wacky emulsions they call “Reanimated Films” — in some cases they’re special materials which weren’t originally intended for use in regular photography. Apart from their experimental black and white film called Rekorder 100 – 200 (above) and their Tungsten film called Kolorit 400 (which we absolutely loved), they also have a number of pre-exposed rolls like the Luft and Liebe 200 that add a quirky touch to your images. Lomography is also carrying another of their Tungsten film called Donau, which has the lowest film sensitivity for 35mm films currently in the market today at ISO 6.

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Luft and Liebe 200 35mm Film Puts Hearts Over Your Images

Luft Liebe

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching we can’t help but get into the spirit of the month with Kono! Reanimated Films – Luft & Liebe 200 pre-exposed hearts 35mm film. The Luft & Liebe 200 pre-exposed films offer a playful take on film photography, allowing you to share your love of analog photography in a very literal way–that’s because it puts hearts all across your photos.

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