Dubble and KONO! Introduce New Monsoon and Bubblegum Tinted 35mm Films

Dubble and KONO! are back with two new tinted 35mm emulsions for fun film photographs.

Following the success of their first collaboration last year, Dubble and KONO! have once again joined forces to create two new reanimated films: Dubblefilm Bubblegum and Dubblefilm Monsoon. If you missed the first two films, you might be interested in getting your hands on these new editions.

As with Dubblefilm Moonstruck and Dubblefilm Sunstroke released last October, Bubblegum and Monsoon were created using KONO’s “The Reanimator” — a unique device that involves both digital and analog manipulation applied directly onto 35mm film. The effect is produced throughout the frames, the tints creating different looks depending on the shooting conditions. Both films come in 200 ISO and 24 exposures, and require standard C-41 processing.

Monsoon, according to the press release, features “fresh tones like after a monsoon rain.” It does produce crisp blues and greens, which look interesting for both street photography and landscapes based on the sample shots.

Bubblegum, meanwhile, has “sweet colours that will inspire your taste buds.” This one has a pretty interesting collection of bubblegum tints that switch between pink, blue, and purple depending on the lighting conditions. It looks pretty interesting for creative projects or simply adding a new dimension to your usual photography.

Personally, I think both films make interesting additions to every film photographer’s analog arsenal. If you’re feeling experimental with 35mm film, these new emulsions from Dubble and KONO! will surely add fun colors to your everyday shots. I’d give the Monsoon a go for outdoor portraits, and take the Bubblegum out on a road trip or a beach holiday.

Dubble Monsoon and Dubble Bubblegum will be available online through dubblefilm.com and reanimatedfilm.com beginning on March 26th. Selected stores where you can grab these films will also be announced in the coming days.