Dubble Dabbles in Candy-Colored Camera Straps

If you’re looking for more playful options to camera straps, the simple yet sturdy offerings just launched by Dubble promise to bring a pop of color.

Bored with your plain camera straps and looking for more exciting options? Think your cameras can use more playful and charming accessories? From Dubble, the company that brought us candy-colored, psychedelic, and experimental emulsions, comes a new collection of camera straps. Say hello to the Dubblestraps – beautifully simple straps that will give your camera a pop of color.

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Dubble Announces Stereo-Inspired “Transitional” Specialty Film

Dubble is at it again; a new treat for film photographers with a taste for the fun and the experimental.

Are you a film photographer looking for something fun to shoot with? Count on Dubble to deliver exactly that. This time, it’s another vibrant film (why of course) called STEREO. As you probably have guessed, the name alludes to the 3D red and cyan glasses once used to view stereo photographs. This inspiration comes alive in the STEREO as yet another experimental emulsion Dubble crafted in collaboration with revolog, and is described as a “transitional specialty film”. And it does just that, with a full frame starting in red tint then gradually fading into full frame in blue tint. So, essentially, you get two different hues, and twice the fun in your snaps!

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Dubble Celebrates First Birthday With the Super Colorful JELLY 35mm Film Emulsion

Can’t get enough of colors that pop? Think your photos could use some extra colors? The new JELLY film by Dubble and KONO! will surely paint your photos with rainbow hues! 

Attention, film photographers! It’s Dubble’s first birthday and they came up with something fitting to celebrate. Say hello to the new JELLY film, which is also Dubble’s fifth launch in collaboration with KONO! The Reanimated Film. This new offering is a pre-exposed 35mm C41 film that promises to drench your snaps with brilliant colors. Think you can use it to paint your everyday photos in multi-colored hues? How about making your party snaps drip with psychedelia? Either way, looks like this new film should never go missing in your stash!

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Dubble and KONO! Introduce New Monsoon and Bubblegum Tinted 35mm Films

Dubble and KONO! are back with two new tinted 35mm emulsions for fun film photographs.

Following the success of their first collaboration last year, Dubble and KONO! have once again joined forces to create two new reanimated films: Dubblefilm Bubblegum and Dubblefilm Monsoon. If you missed the first two films, you might be interested in getting your hands on these new editions.

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KONO! and Dubble Team Up to Create Sunstroke and Moonstruck 35mm Film Emulsions

The choice of Sunstroke & Moonstruck films is almost like what Poke’mon you’re going to choose

There are two brand new films on the market today: they’re called Dubblefilm Moonstruck and Dubblefilm Sunstroke. These films are a collaboration between KONO! and Dubble; and they’re available only in 35mm format. These aren’t your typical Kodak Gold, Fujifilm Superia or films like that. Instead, these are special films. Well, that depends on what your definition of special really is.

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