Dubble Announces Stereo-Inspired “Transitional” Specialty Film

Dubble is at it again; a new treat for film photographers with a taste for the fun and the experimental.

Are you a film photographer looking for something fun to shoot with? Count on Dubble to deliver exactly that. This time, it’s another vibrant film (why of course) called STEREO. As you probably have guessed, the name alludes to the 3D red and cyan glasses once used to view stereo photographs. This inspiration comes alive in the STEREO as yet another experimental emulsion Dubble crafted in collaboration with revolog, and is described as a “transitional specialty film”. And it does just that, with a full frame starting in red tint then gradually fading into full frame in blue tint. So, essentially, you get two different hues, and twice the fun in your snaps!

Below, Dubble gives us a preview of how this “transitional” effect looks like on the entire roll. There’s also a quick video that shows us a frame-by-frame view of how the colors subtly transform. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Icdyin4Ni0w In case you’re new to Dubble, the company is known for partnering with the equally experimental KONO! and revolog to create emulsions drenched in some of the funkiest, fun colors ever to come in film photography. STEREO follows the release of the psychedelic JELLY, announced just a while back in October 2018 to mark Dubble’s first birthday. If you’re not quite a fan of drenching your photos in multi-colored hues, you have several other options; the light leaky SOLAR (previously SUNSTROKE), which adds fantastic color highlights to your photos; the APOLLO (previously MOONSTRUCK), which comes with unconventional colors that vary from purplish to yellowish; the PACIFIC (previously MONSOON), which features “fresh tones like after a monsoon rain”; and BUBBLEGUM, which promises bubblegum-inspired tints of “sweet colors that will inspire your taste buds”. Prior to the announcement of STEREO, Dubble also announced that their films now come in 36 exposures, so you’re guaranteed to get more photos in crazy, cool colors! Ready to stock up on the new STEREO film? Head to the Dubble website to find out more and grab yourself some of this two-toned emulsion!