KONO! and Dubble Team Up to Create Sunstroke and Moonstruck 35mm Film Emulsions

The choice of Sunstroke & Moonstruck films is almost like what Poke’mon you’re going to choose

There are two brand new films on the market today: they’re called Dubblefilm Moonstruck and Dubblefilm Sunstroke. These films are a collaboration between KONO! and Dubble; and they’re available only in 35mm format. These aren’t your typical Kodak Gold, Fujifilm Superia or films like that. Instead, these are special films. Well, that depends on what your definition of special really is.

Editor’s Note: as a point of clarification, these two films aren’t new films per se, but Reanimated. They’re Kodak based film that have been pre=exposed to get that effect.

To get this done, the films are put through a special machine called the Reanimator developed by KONO! When you look at the images, you begin to see what’s exactly happening. Both films are 24 exposure rolls and require standard C41 processing. Of course, that also means you can probably cross process it to get some unique results and do a whole bunch of other things too. For those of you scratching your head and wondering why someone would buy this, well, you surely can’t get this in digital!

Dubblefilm Moonstruck

Moonstruck film, according to the press release is “Reanimated with a unique colour tone that produces exceptional and unconventional colours. As shooting conditions vary so will the effect.” I thought that it may have just been tungsten film, but that’s not the case. The effect is hazy but really kind of cool. In some ways it looks like the old Lomochrome Purple has been souped.

Dubblefilm Sunstroke

According to the press release, Sunstroke is “…Reanimated with light leaks. An effect you only get when a faulty camera allows light to burn the film the effect is truly unpredictable, serendipitous and often very beautiful.” Yup, you’re getting film with the light leaks built in. And I adore it!


Chris Gampat

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