Dubble Dabbles in Candy-Colored Camera Straps

If you’re looking for more playful options to camera straps, the simple yet sturdy offerings just launched by Dubble promise to bring a pop of color.

Bored with your plain camera straps and looking for more exciting options? Think your cameras can use more playful and charming accessories? From Dubble, the company that brought us candy-colored, psychedelic, and experimental emulsions, comes a new collection of camera straps. Say hello to the Dubblestraps – beautifully simple straps that will give your camera a pop of color.

As we can expect from a company like Dubble, these accessories were made with fun and frolic in mind. Created in partnership with Cellophane Barcelona, these handmade straps come in four vibrant colors designed to “pimp up your cameras;” the verdant Los Feliz, the golden Yanaka, the candy-orange Tepito, and fiery-red Kilburn.

Simple yet eye-catching, they make cool accessories for small cameras, especially elegant vintage cameras, classic point-and-shoots, and fantastic plastic film cameras. Inspired by some of the collaborators’ favorite neighborhoods around the world, they are also said to come with some travel tips hidden in the packaging. That sounds like the perfect idea to try for your next trip lugging your cameras around using these straps!

While simple, basic, and thin, the Dubblestrap also promises to be incredibly tough. Still, it doesn’t look like a right or comfortable choice for a DSLR camera. But, will it be a good choice for a mirrorless camera? It seems like it can support a weighty vintage TLR film camera just fine, so we think it’s safe to say yes.

Ready to pair your cameras with the Dubblestraps? Head to the Dubble webshop now to find out more and grab one for €14 (around $15) or all of them as a family pack for €48 (around $53).