KONO! Launches New Funky 35mm Film, Introduces Original Six Pack

KONO! has just rolled out some new stuff for film photographers who enjoy shooting with their funky-colored emulsions.

It’s been a while since we heard something from the folks of KONO!, but they’re back with some welcome updates! First, they have a new, reanimated 35mm film: the Original MIRAGE. Second, their Original reanimated films now come in a Six Pack for those who want to try out a fun selection from their lineup! If you’re an experimental film photographer looking to try something new, these funky films could do the trick. The new KONO! film is the Original Mirage, which they described as being reanimated by not one, but two awesome colors. The effect changes from subtle hues when shot in sunny and bright conditions, to highly saturated colors when shot in the sunset. “Pictures shot in bright daylight invoke the feeling of a warm, late summer day and as soon as it gets darker, the colors get more prominent and richer.”

As with KONO! color negative films, this new 35mm emulsion yields 24 exposures and requires standard C41 processing.

Check out the sample shots below:

As for the new Original Six Pack, KONO! has now put together all their films in the Originals category into one convenient package, with one film (the Mirage) free! In case you’ve forgotten or haven’t heard of the fun emulsions in this collection, they are:

  • Original Sunstroke
  • Original Moonstruck
  • Original Monsoon
  • Original Candy
  • Original Galaxy

So, if you’re looking for some new films to shoot with, the Six Pack will get you stocked and ready! Likewise, film photographers who have these KONO! goodies as their go-to, quirky-hued films to shoot with will be happy to keep their stash sufficient with this package.

Head to the KONO! website now if you’re ready to grab some Original Mirage and Original Six Pack films!