KONO! Films Now Come in Single Rolls

Heads up, film photographers! If you’re looking for some new and experimental films to try, KONO! has recently made their selection of films available for purchase in single rolls. This makes sampling their funky films easier on the pocket, especially if you’re more keen on variety than quantity for testing them out.

If you’re not yet familiar with KONO!, it’s an alternative film company that produces some wacky emulsions they call “Reanimated Films” — in some cases they’re special materials which weren’t originally intended for use in regular photography. Apart from their experimental black and white film called Rekorder 100 – 200 (above) and their Tungsten film called Kolorit 400 (which we absolutely loved), they also have a number of pre-exposed rolls like the Luft and Liebe 200 that add a quirky touch to your images. Lomography is also carrying another of their Tungsten film called Donau, which has the lowest film sensitivity for 35mm films currently in the market today at ISO 6.

Luft & Liebe

KONO! films are actually very fun, if not pricey. They provide an alternative look you’re most likely going to love or enjoy simply experimenting with because of how different they are. They’re not your Kodak Portra, Kodak Ektar, Kodak Tri-X or anything else like that, Instead, they’re genuinely finding a way to stand out from everyone else out there.

KONO! announced this news via their Instagram recently. And with the single packs, you’re more likely to be able to get into testing rolls out for yourself to see what you like, what you hate, and what you want to go back to shooting with again and again.

Independent companies like KONO! have been making it fun to be a film photographer today, especially since they’re making emulsions whose look can’t be replicated in digital more accessible. Head over to the KONO! Reanimated Film website to score yourself some single rolls (and be quick because they’re selling out fast!).