How to Get the Redscale Look In-Camera Without Post-Production

You’d be shocked at just how simple it is to get the redscale look everyone loves and craves. The redscale look derives from the organic look you can get from film. And so, I’m going to preface this piece by saying you should just shoot film. But you can also totally get the look digitally in-camera. Better yet, you don’t need to do post-production. In this short, useful photography tip, we’re going to teach you how to get the redscale look.

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The Best Instax Cameras for Your Next Party

Is there anything as fun as Instax cameras? Probably not. They give you the instant gratification of digital and the analog fun of film. They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes. We think Instax cameras are wonderful, and we think you’ll love these at your next party. Take a look at this roundup!

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Film Photography Is Going to Get Sharper. And That’s Not a Good Thing

Let’s think about what we know of the film look. Besides the tones, film is often a lot softer. It’s very difficult for someone to look bad when you’re shooting them with film. We love the look of film photography and what it does. Years ago, photographer Frank W. Ockenfels III discussed how digital is too sharp and clear. But as scanners are replaced with dedicated cameras, film is going to face a problem. 

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The Best Disposable Cameras to Get the Beautiful Lo-Fi Look!

The great thing about disposable cameras is that they can give your photos a very nostalgic look. But the even better thing is the excitement that accompanies them. You shoot your photos and then have to wait for a while to see them. The anticipation will build, and if you know what you’re doing then the photos will be really awesome. And even if you don’t practice good habits, the photos can still be really cool. So we dove into our reviews index to find the best disposable cameras we could find.

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Andrei Certan Lives Moments in Life Through His Double Exposures

“My creativity is fueled by all the restrictions I give myself,” says film photography enthusiast Andrei Certan, about how he guides his photographic vision. Almost exclusively an analog medium photographer, Certan lets his inner sentiments drive how he composes and frames photos. Seeing the work he shared with me for this interview, I think his emotions definitely put him on the right track.

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A Visual Guide to the Different Types of Bokeh

Not all bokeh is made the same. Some kinds are clearly superior to others in the way that the bourgeoisie snubs their nose at the proletariat. Of course, I’m kidding about that; it’s all personal preference. But objectively speaking, there are many different types of bokeh out there. Luckily, we’ve studied and used the most lenses in real-world environments of any website. So we dove into our Reviews Index to look at bokeh shapes. Are there more? There could be, but these are more than sufficient for the modern photographer.

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Ada Maria Jakimiuk Believes Loving Your Photography Is Important

“My current number one topic in photography is intimacy,” says Ada Maria Jakimiuk, who is based out of Poland. She found her way back to analog photography after dipping her feet into professional digital photography for a while. Not wanting to pigeonhole her creativity to any one genre, she draws inspiration from various sources around herself to create magical photos.

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New to Film? 3 Great 35mm Film Emulsions for the Beginner

35mm film is wonderful! At its best, it delivers a look that can’t be had digitally without a lot of work while letting you be in the moment. So we recommend always combining it with the best film camera that you can get your hands on. But 35mm film can also bolster your digital photography if you just find an identity when working with it. Lucky for you, we’ve reviewed tons of film emulsions over the years. And we’re diving into some of our favorites for beginners here.

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Martin Ruffin Double Exposes His Slide Film to Make Art

“Fundamentally, I want to make photos that represent my own experience of reality,” says UK based film photographer and record producer Martin Ruffin about his photographic style. He hopes to be shooting film for many years to come and experiments with a variety of stock for this. He’s also an advocate for shooting consistently, to understand better what one prefers to specialize in.

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Want the Look of CineStill 800T in Digital? We’ve Got Some Bad News

We know some of you are looking for the same look of CineStill 800T in digital, but it’s not possible.

I could end this post with the statement above. But it’s true, the look of CineStill 800T isn’t possible without lots of post-production. You can’t get it right out of the camera. You can come close to it, though, just by shooting at 3200K Tungsten white balance. But if anything, it delivers more of the look of a pure Tungsten Film. CineStill has a special, magical process that makes gives it its unique image quality. But if you want it in post-production, you’d need to really work at it. We’ll explain it to you here, but we also believe that you should just give in a shoot some film.

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New to Film Photography? Here Are 3 Film Emulsions You Need to Try

Film photography never died: it only evolved into something much better.

Fact: some of us have never shot film before. Others amongst us are just getting into it. In 2021, film photography co-exists with digital and is in demand by lots of clients. There are lots of the mainstays like Portra, Tri-X, and Velvia. But there are also lots of options out there that aren’t traditional. And we’ve reviewed a bunch of them. So we dove into the old Reviews Index to look at our many years of film photography coverage. Here are some of our favorite emulsions.

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The 3 Best Instant Film Cameras for Your Next Party

These instant film cameras will shoot photos you and other guests will love.

If you’re going to a party, there’s no reason not to bring instant film cameras. They’re so fun. You point, shoot, and get the photo. What’s better than that? You can then get back to drinking and hang out with those you care about. And better yet, it’s almost impossible for anyone to look bad with instant film. That’s because of just how big the lenses are and how they work with the film. And yes, you’re shooting real instant film–sort of like Polaroids back in the day. Check out this guide on choosing the best instant film cameras.

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Film Photography Needs to Do Something Digital Doesn’t

Film photography has undoubtedly made a comeback, but it needs differentiation from digital.

Some of you may think I’m nuts to say that film photography is back. But it really, truly is. In the pandemic, more people decided to take it up and start their own darkrooms. It’s fun and a completely different way of creating images that everyone should try–at least for a month! However, I only see the current film renaissance as a way for film to truly find its own place. And to do that, I think film needs to do something that digital doesn’t do. For that, it will come down to the final image.

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What Film Emulsion Should I Choose? A Guide for Analog Photography

There’s never been a more exciting time to start shooting analog. In our latest original infographic, find out which film emulsion is right for you.

The reports of film’s death are greatly exaggerated. In fact, there’s never been a more exciting time to start shooting analog. If you’re new to the world of film photography, welcome! Plenty of film cameras can be had for a fraction of their original price. There’s bound to be one that will suit your particular needs (Check out our handy guide to the 6 Best Film Cameras for Beginners). Unlike with digital, you don’t get to change your ISO on the fly. Once you load a roll or spool of film into your film camera, you’re locked into that particular roll’s ISO until you finish the whole thing.

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Lomography Fantôme Kino Is a Black and White ISO 8 Film

The latest addition to the Lomography black and white film family is a super slow ISO 8 film.

While the photography industry has been reeling from event cancellations and global lockdown, Lomography still decided to bring some good news and announce their newest black and white film. Dubbed Fantôme Kino Black & White ISO 8 Film, this super slow emulsion is geared toward film photographers who want to capture the dramatic of the everyday in punchy, cinematic aesthetic.

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Lomography Simple Use Film Camera Now Comes with LomoChrome Metropolis

Need a quick LomoChrome Metropolis fix? The Lomography Simple Use Camera now comes loaded with this popular film, ready for you to grab and shoot.

In case you don’t have a Lomography Simple Use Film Camera yet, here’s a great chance to pick one up. The reloadable camera is now available with the popular LomoChrome Metropolis film, so you can give both a go for your next photo walk or epic adventure. Check out this camera and film combo if you’re looking for something lightweight, easy, and fun to shoot.

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New Lomography Petzval 80.5 MK II Now Also for Filmmakers

Photographers who are also filmmakers will especially be interested in the latest iteration of the Lomography Petzval lens.

Been eyeing one of the Lomography Petzval lenses especially for portrait photography? Now in their seventh year of developing and refining their takes on the legendary Petzval lens of 1840, the company just dropped the latest addition to their Petzval line up: the Petzval 80.5 MK II SLR Art Lens, designed for both photographers and filmmakers alike. As is customary with their lens offerings, you have the chance to grab it for less on Kickstarter.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Old School Instagram Filters

Whether you’re curious about the origins of Instagram’s most popular filters or want to achieve their look with the real stuff, we have just the photography cheat sheet for you.

Instagram may be the biggest thing to hit the online world in recent decades, but the visual aesthetics that catapulted it to popularity were largely borrowed from the glory days of film. In fact, without these retro vibes and nostalgic feels, it probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the phenomenal success and influence we see to this day. Want to know which cameras and films gave the famed filters their trending look? Today’s photography cheat sheet has the formulas that will give you the real deal!

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Lomography LomoChrome Purple Now Comes in 110 Format

With Lomography’s latest news, it’s time to take your parents’ 110 cameras out for a spin with the dreamy LomoChrome Purple.

Looking for the perfect opportunity to bust out your 110 film camera? Now would be a great time as ever, as Lomography has recently launched their prized LomoChrome Purple film in 110 format. If you’ve already tried this famed film in 35mm and 120 formats, why not give it a go in this miniature format as well?

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