KONO! Donau Film is Rated at ISO 6

Kono Donau

Today, Lomography is announcing that they’re carrying a film called Kono! Donau. Usually, if it’s another manufacturer’s product and unoriginal in any way, we wouldn’t necessarily bat an eye at the email announcement–but this one may be of special interest. Why?

Kono Donau is rated at ISO 6: making it the lowest ISO 35mm film currently available on the market.


They’re stating that Kono Donau has a retro-tungsten look to it despite the fact that it is a daylight balanced film. So that means that if you actually want a normal looking image, it may be a bit tough to do with the C41 processing that they recommend.

Because it’s ISO 6, Lomography is also stating that it is the most high resolution film available. What that means in practice is not only some very detailed scans, but also incredibly long exposures. You’ll surely want to bring a tripod along when shooting with this.

According to Lomography:

“This limited edition, hand-rolled film is available in extremely limited quantities and only available through Lomography. Because Donau is made out of material used in post-production that isn’t typically used in cameras, it gives your photos a strikingly distinct look—grab your roll today and see the results for yourself!”

It’s worth trying out for the fun of it with a proper, manual camera. But at $38 a roll for three rolls, we may just stick with Fujifilm Velvia.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.