Joel Grimes: The Single Greatest Marketing Tool on the Planet

Screenshot taken from the video

Screenshot taken from the video

“If you can get your name in front of a person that’s going to buy at least eight times, the odds go up to 80% that you’re going to get a return on your investment on pitching that person.” says photographer Joel Grimes about pitching your project. In fact, he continues to say that it’s all about the fact that every person is only human and getting into that person’s memory. Joel calls it the power of eight and it stresses one of the biggest points of marketing yourself as a photographer–that you need to constantly be in front of other people. With all this said, it’s also important to target the people that you believe will want to purchase your images or services.

In fact, Joel isn’t the only one that says it. When we talked to many other photographers, they state that they spend most of their time doing other things like marketing vs shooting. It’s a known fact that many photographers, unless they’ve got a big team behind them spend most of their time marketing, schmoozing, and doing a lot of talking to become better known.

Joel’s video with creativeLive is after the jump.

Chris Gampat

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