KONO! Sunstroke and Moonstruck Now in Special Edition Single Use Cameras

Two of KONO!’s fun and experimental emulsions now come in convenient single-use cameras so you can whip them out and shoot straight away!

Ever been curious about the fun and funky KONO! Reanimated Films but don’t have a film camera to shoot them with yet? We bet you’ll be thrilled to learn that you can now try two of these straight away. With KONO’s latest collaboration comes the emulsions loaded in single-use cameras dubbed as the I’M FINE KONO! x NINM LAB Camera SUNSTROKE & MOONSTRUCK Special Editions.

According to KONO!, the first production run released in Asia in November 2018 was a blockbuster and sold out instantly, but the cameras are now available in the USA and Europe. For now, the SUNSTROKE and MOONSTRUCK are the only films that come in single-use cameras, but additional NINM LAB x KONO I’M FINE editions are also slated to be released in 2020.

In case you’re new to KONO! and these quirky emulsions, SUNSTROKE produces a red light leak effect, emulating the sometimes happy accident of accidentally exposing film under the sunlight. So, if you’ve been eyeing to get the light leak effect in your snaps, this option should make it effortless for you. Otherwise, if you prefer a more prominent effect on your photos, you might want to go for the MOONSTRUCK version instead. This one paints your shots with a nostalgic and unique blue-yellow combination to create “a blue romantic feeling under the moonlight.”

Both editions of the I’M FINE KONO! x NINM LAB cameras have ISO 200, flash that can illuminate 1-3 meters, and yield 24 exposures. It also already comes with 1 AA battery so you can shoot right away! Any film lab can process and scan these films, so once you’re done, just take it to your friendly neighborhood lab and they’ll take care of the rest.

The I’M FINE KONO! x NINM LAB cameras are available through Roberts Distributor LP if you’re in the USA, NINM LAB if you’re in Asia, and KONO! Manufaktur partners if you’re in Europe.