KONO! Has Two New Black and White Film Emulsions for Analog Photographers

KONO! Rekorder and KONO! Monolit 64 are the company’s newest, exciting film emulsions available.

KONO! has always been a bit of a quirky company when it comes to their film emulsions, but they have to embrace this in order to actually stand out from the digital world that continues to try (and fail) to emulate the look of film. Today, they’re announcing two new film emulsions; KONO! Rekorder and KONO! Monolit 64. And the good news is these are still in line with their quirkiness and identity as a company.

Editor’s Note: The Phoblographer received this news exclusively before other publications. If you see it anywhere else without crediting us, please call shenanigans in the same way that you’d call out one photographer copying another.

KONO! Rekorder

KONO! Rekorder more specifically is being relaunched. It’s been available for a while and its special character is due to a nature that wasn’t originally designed to be used by consumers. It has dates, numbers and all sorts of oddities all over the film.

According to their website:

The KONO! B&W film which was originally never intended to be used for taking pictures. Pre-exposed numbers and letters may show up on your images. This special effect film delivers contrasty and brilliant images.

  • B&W film, pre exposed numbers and letters
  • True B&W film processing
  • 35 mm, ISO 100-200
  • hand rolled & hand packed, each roll is unique
  • rolled into recycled film cartridges
  • Package contents: 3 cartridges of film, 24 exposures each

A three pack will cost you $39.

KONO! Monolit 64

According to our reps, “The Monolit is an ISO 64 classic black and white film and the first result of our cooperation with a company called Astrum, who provide us with technical assistance and produced the film for us.”

According to KONO!’s website listing

A classic European Black & White film with a very nice grain and a distinctive tonality. The Monolit is a medium contrast film, especially suitable for studio photography or for bright and sunny days.

Produced for KONO! with technical assistance by Astrum.

  • Black & white film
  • classic B&W film processing
  • 35 mm, ISO 64
  • Package content: 1 cartridges of film, 36 exposures each

One roll will cost $11


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