Get The ‘Film Look’ With The Now Free Hipstamatic X Analog Camera App

The Hipstamatic X Analog camera app will make turtleneck and vest-wearing iPhone hipsters grin from ear to ear.

Ever since cameras tuned into digital devices, photographers have wanted their images to have the ‘film look.’ There are literally dozens of apps in the iPhone App store that can give these looks. Photographers use filters that mimic film all the time in Capture One Pro and Lightroom, too, but those filters and apps usually come at a price. Now, you can pick up the popular Hipstamatic X Analog camera app is now free for all iPhone users to download. Join us after the break for more details. Continue reading…

Hipstamatic Wants to Remind You That it Still Exists with This Sale

For those who have forgotten about them, Hipstamatic gives a not-so-gentle nudge that they’re still around with a bunch of offers.

You may or may not be aware of how long it has been since your last brush with Hipstamatic. But just in case you need some reminding, the company has recently released news of its latest offerings as a way to say they’re still around. These include all the RetroPaks (for half the price) and the commemorative Sea of Tranquility HipstaPak. So if you’re thinking of snapping away and catching up with the all-new version 300 of the app, this could be your chance to grab the “latest and greatest gear” for your “Hipstamatic camera bag”.

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Six Photo Communities For the Serious Photographer

Not every photographer can make it on Instagram; and with the new algorithm added to the news feed it’s going to be even tougher at times. One of the best ways to hack that is to find a way to reach out to the curators; which I’ll be talking about in an upcoming workshop being taught by yours truly about online marketing for photographers. You can save $30 on registration with discount code “thephoblographer”.

If you’re looking for something a bit more organic, then there are still a number of other communities that may appeal to you.

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The Phoblographer’s Top 10 Mobile Photography Apps

julius motal the phoblographer 1-hour photo image 04

You might get an eye roll in some circles if you say you shoot with your phone. Some might say that phones aren’t real cameras, but the truth is that phones are incredibly capable cameras that can sometimes succeed where bigger rigs might fail. Thankfully, there are a bevy of mobile apps to streamline the process from shooting to editing. Here are our picks for best mobile apps.

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Hipstamatic Oggl Comes to the iPad, Makes You Look Like a Tool

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Oggl 2.1 iPad (1 of 1)ISO 16001-100 sec at f - 5.0

Taking photos with an iPad or any other tablet is a guaranteed way to make yourself look like a tool and to also probably get you punched in the face at a concert let alone ridiculed to complete shame–where you’ll then crawl into a corner and cry then blame your parents.

While it really isn’t that serious, you should know that Hipstamatic’s Oggl has updated to v2.1, and that it’s now on the iPad. The app, while quite excellent at rendering and editing images, is best used on a phone of some sort.

Amongst the new features are:

SurfMode: Sit back, relax and watch the show. With SurfMode, simply turn the device sideways to immediately see a beautiful cascade of images.

SurfMode on AirPlay: Weddings, concerts, dinner parties and beyond — present any Oggl feed to Apple TV for a live photo feed during events and occasions.

Notifications Ticker: Discover details about how many loves, reposts, and curations your photos get, including information from Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and more.

New Gear Shopping: Selecting new gear is easier than ever, with better previews and suggested Favorite combos.

New Live Previews: Select a new favorite combo, edit photos and browse presets more quickly and easily than before.

Improved Feed Browsing: quicker access to more information about photos you love.

While checking out photos from your iPad via Airplay is kind of cool, we’re not sure how many folks really do it and beam it to their Apple TV. I know for a fact that I’m usually too busy freaking out at the latest episode of House of Cards.

Please, for all that is holy, don’t take photos with an iPad. Instead, beam them to your device from your camera, and then edit on the iPad.

Review: Hipstamatic Oggl


Hipstamatic never really caught on with the photo community the way that Instagram did. Sure, it was big. Sure, it was all the rage back in the day–but Instagram was simpler and significantly more widespread. As a reinvention of themselves, Hipstamatic released Oggl–which has more of an emphasis on the high end, or at least that’s what we feel. Every image that we’ve seen is either stunning or at least can be found to have value to someone. The environment isn’t infested with teenage girls doing selfies, awful food photos, or even short vine-like videos. Instead, it is a true place for a creative.

But this paradise comes with a couple of caveats.

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First Impressions: Nokia Lumia 925

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Nokia Lumia 925 images products (7 of 9)ISO 4001-40 sec at f - 4.5

Though it isn’t the flagship device that the Nokia Lumia 1020 is, the 925 still packs a sweet camera and Nokia’s Pro Camera App–which allows the user to have full manual control over the camera sans the aperture. Being a photography website, we had to check this one out. Complete with a Carl Zeiss lens, 8.7MP 1/3 inch sensor, f2 aperture, full manual controls, dual LED flash, and a couple of key apps to start with, the camera on this phone is one of its major selling points. But besides that, worthy of note is the fact that this is a Windows Phone, has a 4.5″ AMOLED display, and a Dual-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 processor.

At the time of publishing this piece, we’ve had the phone for a couple of days–and we’re actually warming up to it very closely.

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The Nokia Lumia 925 Is Basically a Camera With a Phone In It


Nokia was previously teasing us with a brand new Nokia Lumia phone, and they were saying that there is more than your eyes can see. And today, they’ve unveiled the Nokia Lumia 925 with a metal chassis and what they’re saying is, “the most advanced lens technology and next generation imaging software to capture clearer, sharper pictures and video, including the best low light images.” This may be what is behind their new feature that they’re calling the Nokia Smart Camera. The feature works by capturing ten images at once and edits the pictures with options like Best Shot, Action Shot, and Motion Focus to create a better photo.

Additionally, it will feature Hipstamatic’s new app, Oggl. But besides all of this, a 4.5 inch AMOLED will be used to compose your images with the 8.7MP Optical Image Stabilized camera. Plus it can shoot 1080p HD at 30fps. The front camera will feature a 1.2MP wide angle camera. No other word on the lens has been given yet.

In addition to Europe, the Nokia Lumia 925 will be introduced into the US by T-Mobile. No official word yet on pricing and availability has been announced.

Tech Specs are after the jump.

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Nokia’s New Cameraphone is Promising, “More Than Your Eyes Can See”

Nokia is really trying to make some crazy waves in the cameraphone industry, and after showing off what their Nokia Lumia 928 can do when it comes to video, it’s only natural that they’re still trying to push the boundaries even further. They recently released an ad for an upcoming flagship phone that is supposed to be even better than the 928. The catch phrase for the campaign is, “More than your eyes can see.” So apparently, that might mean extreme high speed video capabilities or some seriously crammed megapixels.

Unfortunately at the time of publishing this piece, some of the biggest mobile sharing apps aren’t on the phone’s platform: Windows phone. There is no Instagram or Hipstamatic. The only one that there seems to be is Flickr.

Will that be the phone’s undoing though?

Via Boy Genius Report

Fun Review: Pixlr-O-Matic for Android Phones

Sometimes we don’t want to bring a point and shoot, mirrorless camera, film camera, or DSLR with us. And at those times, we’ve often been good enough with the results from our phones. Indeed, when we tested the Apple iPhone 4’s camera, it performed very well. While the iPhone users have their fun with Instagram and Hipstamatic, the closest thing that us Android users (whether using HTC Smartphones or others) have had for a while was Retro Camera (which has undergone many changes since our review.) Enter Pixlr-O-Matic for Android: hands down the single app that is killing my battery due to my absolute addiction.

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Is The Film Revival Just Another Fad?

Film—according to the Associated Press, it’s back! Take a look at the walls of your Facebook friends or any of the recent trends in professional photography and you’ll see a lot of the Polaroid look with its cross processing characteristcs. Even advertising campaigns are using Polaroids! Admittedly, we’ve reviewed an instant film camera and an old Leica legend. Indeed consumers do dig the retro look of some cameras. Not at all meant to insult seasoned film shooters, but take a closer look at all the hysteria and you’ll begin to notice some still very familiar undertones.

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