Hipstamatic Wants to Remind You That it Still Exists with This Sale

For those who have forgotten about them, Hipstamatic gives a not-so-gentle nudge that they’re still around with a bunch of offers.

You may or may not be aware of how long it has been since your last brush with Hipstamatic. But just in case you need some reminding, the company has recently released news of its latest offerings as a way to say they’re still around. These include all the RetroPaks (for half the price) and the commemorative Sea of Tranquility HipstaPak. So if you’re thinking of snapping away and catching up with the all-new version 300 of the app, this could be your chance to grab the “latest and greatest gear” for your “Hipstamatic camera bag”.




According to their newsletter, the 50% off on all RetroPaks will apply until the end of July. So, if you want to get reacquainted with Hipstamatic, this could be a great deal for you as there are 14 lens and film combos you can play around with. The Sea of Tranquility HipstaPak, meanwhile, commemorates the historic moon landing with its lens and film combo. The Buzz MK1 Lens lets you relive the look of the late 1960s, while the Eagle 69 Film is a lunar-inspired plate film that includes Réseau calibration marks. They’re so excited about this new release that they put up a 20% PrintLab discount on all wood, metal, canvas, and archival prints with the coupon code SPACESALE.

If you haven’t heard of or used Hipstamatic, all this may sound really strange to you. In essence, these films and lenses are filters that supposedly mimic the look and feel of using vintage cameras. Sure, there’s now a lot of ways to do that these days (those that mimic the disposable camera experience being among the most popular), but it seems Hipstamatic isn’t letting these other apps have all the fun. If you found it surprising that the photo editing app is still around (and has actually spawned a bunch of other photo and video editing apps) with an all-new version, then take advantage of this great deal. How long will Hipstamatic stay around, and what else will it have in store for us? We’re sure there’s a bunch of smartphone photographers out there who, whether or not they’re enticed by these offers, will eventually let us know.