These ONA New Classics Camera Bags are Stylish and Affordable

If you love classicly styled camera bags, the ONA new classics collection are worth a look.

If you love camera bags as much as we do at The Phoblographer, this post is for you. Camera bags that can match your personal style can be hard to find, but the ONA New Classics camera bags feature styles that should be a match for just about every taste out there. Join us after the break to see all of the new camera bags that have recently been announced.

The ONA New Classics camera bags are the company’s first new releases in over a year. The ONA New Classics collection features a series of new & re-imagined favorites. All of the bags have been designed to be used as photography and lifestyle bags. Let’s take a quick look at the new bags.

The new Monterey backpack is a stylish take on a classic bag. The backpack can house a full DSLR kit and a 13-inch laptop comfortably. The design was inspired by the best selling ONA bag called the Camps Bay. This new version has a retail price of $349 and is available now.

ONA New ClassicsThe Capri II is a new and improved take on ONA’s most popular shoulder bag. The Capri II features a more streamlined design, straps that are riveted to the bag, and more reinforcement than the previous model. It can hold a full DSLR kit and a 13″ laptop. The Capri II has a price of $289 and is available now.

The Pebbled Bowery will see a limited run of just 200 units, so if this bag is more your style, you’ll need to act fast to get one. The bag features premium pebbled leather, a new refined strap, and matte nickel hardware. It’s available now for $259.

The Rockaway bag from the ONA New Classics collection is a sling-style bag. This bag is on the small side of things and is designed for those who like to travel light. You’ll still be able to fit a DSLR and two lenses in this bag, and there are three zippered compartments for a few accessories. This one will hit store shelves on September 24th, 2019 and will be priced at $269.

ONA New Classics

The Tool Kit is a duffel bag designed for the pro who needs to carry it all. There’s a ton of space in this bag. You will be able to fit two camera bodies, up to four lenses, and numerous accessories such as flashes, hard drives, chargers, and just about any other small accessory you can think of. Available on September 12th, the Tool Kit will cost $339.

ONA New Classics

If you have a point-and-shoot camera like the Fujifilm X100F and you want a premium case for it, the aptly named small case (not the final product name) could be great. This leather case can also be used to carry your cell phone around in style too. The smallest of the ONA New Classics collection will have a retail price of $129 when it hits the streets on September 24th, 2019. If you would like any more information about the ONA New Classics collection, you can head to their official website.

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