5 Minute Camera Review: Sony a1 Is a Fantastic Beast

In our Sony a1 Video Review, we tackle everything you need within 5 minutes.

The Sony a1 is positively fantastic: arguably the hottest camera of the year so far. You should totally check out our full review of it here. But you should also check out our summary before doing a deep dive. As part of our 5 Minute Reviews series, we examined just how good the Sony a1 is. After the jump, you can find our Sony a1 Video review. No wonder it received our Editor’s Choice Award. But is it really worth $6,499?

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5 Minute Review: The Beautiful Leica 50mm F1.2 Noctilux

The Leica 50mm f1.2 Noctilux is an incredibly stunning lens according to Reviews Editor Hillary Grigonis.

Why would you pay over $7,000 for a lens? Well, that’s what The Phoblographer Reviews Editor Hillary Grigonis was trying to figure out. She’s spent a while with the Leica 50mm f1.2 Noctliux lens shooting street photography, portraits, and documenting her life. It’s also her first Leica. Hillary is a seasoned Nikon shooter, and doing things with the Leica M system is much different. It’s a manual focus camera system. So what did she think?

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5 Minute Lens Review: How Is the Fujifilm 10-24mm F4 R WR OIS?

The Fujifilm 10-24mm f4 R WR OIS Lens is pretty good, but Reviews Editor Hillary Grigonis has a few issues.

The Fujifilm 10-24mm f4 R WR OIS is one of the company’s latest offerings for the X series. They upgraded the original lens to give it weather resistance, plus there are a few ergonomic changes. Phoblographer Reviews Editor Hillary Grigonis has been testing the lens for a while. And she’s had it with the original lens too. So we got her to share her thoughts in a five minute review.

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All About the Fujifilm GFX100s in Under 5 Minutes

The Fujifilm GFX100S is a fantastic camera and one of the most innovative we’ve seen.

We’re very, very excited about the Fujifilm GFX100S. This is the company’s smallest medium format camera yet. They packed a 102MP medium format sensor into a camera the size of the Panasonic S1. It’s also incredibly light, well built, and fun to use. We’re very excited to be testing the prototype we’ve been sent. And we decided to summarize our thoughts in a 5-minute segment. For more like this, you should subscribe to us on YouTube.

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