Nokia’s New Cameraphone is Promising, “More Than Your Eyes Can See”

Nokia is really trying to make some crazy waves in the cameraphone industry, and after showing off what their Nokia Lumia 928 can do when it comes to video, it’s only natural that they’re still trying to push the boundaries even further. They recently released an ad for an upcoming flagship phone that is supposed to be even better than the 928. The catch phrase for the campaign is, “More than your eyes can see.” So apparently, that might mean extreme high speed video capabilities or some seriously crammed megapixels.

Unfortunately at the time of publishing this piece, some of the biggest mobile sharing apps aren’t on the phone’s platform: Windows phone. There is no Instagram or Hipstamatic. The only one that there seems to be is Flickr.

Will that be the phone’s undoing though?

Via Boy Genius Report