The Nokia Lumia Icon is the First Windows Phone You Might Actually Want to Get

Nokia Lumia Icon

The Windows powered smartphone is the underdog in the smartphone world, hated by many mainly for its unique interface, and loved by some for exactly the same reason. To add to the dilemma, most Windows phones presented so far weren’t exactly style icons … more like plasticky-looking toys for nerds. With the Nokia Lumia Icon, however, things could seriously change.

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Instagram for Windows Phone Doesn’t Take Photographs


Editor’s Note: This is not a Weekend Humor post.

In its perennial game of catchup, Windows Phone finally received Instagram, which as we all know is the mobile standard for photo sharing. Windows Phone users threw their arms up in the air in happiness when they saw the app was available. They kept their arms up as the happiness became white hot rage when they learned that they can’t take any photos with the app. Pressing the camera button sends users to the phone’s camera app. Continue reading…

Review: Hipstamatic Oggl


Hipstamatic never really caught on with the photo community the way that Instagram did. Sure, it was big. Sure, it was all the rage back in the day–but Instagram was simpler and significantly more widespread. As a reinvention of themselves, Hipstamatic released Oggl–which has more of an emphasis on the high end, or at least that’s what we feel. Every image that we’ve seen is either stunning or at least can be found to have value to someone. The environment isn’t infested with teenage girls doing selfies, awful food photos, or even short vine-like videos. Instead, it is a true place for a creative.

But this paradise comes with a couple of caveats.

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National Geographic Photographer Stephen Alvarez Heads West with Only a Nokia Lumia 1020

julius motal the phoblographer nat geo nokia lumia 1020

Nokia teamed up with National Geographic to send Stephen Alvarez armed only with a Nokia Lumia 1020 out West. It’s an impressive PR stunt that really shows off the Lumia 1020’s photographic abilities. Depending on the aspect ratio of your photos, the Lumia 1020 puts out files between 34MP and 38MP with a sensor capable of 41MP. It’s a major boon for mobile photographers because it lends credence to Chase Jarvis’s quote, “The best camera is the one that’s with you.” The 1020 is a tempting option for serious mobile photographers, and this Nokia-Nat Geo project is one of the most beautiful photographic undertakings with a mobile phone. My iPhone’s a great shooter, but it can’t touch this.

Check out the project at National Geographic.

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Nokia’s New Cameraphone is Promising, “More Than Your Eyes Can See”

Nokia is really trying to make some crazy waves in the cameraphone industry, and after showing off what their Nokia Lumia 928 can do when it comes to video, it’s only natural that they’re still trying to push the boundaries even further. They recently released an ad for an upcoming flagship phone that is supposed to be even better than the 928. The catch phrase for the campaign is, “More than your eyes can see.” So apparently, that might mean extreme high speed video capabilities or some seriously crammed megapixels.

Unfortunately at the time of publishing this piece, some of the biggest mobile sharing apps aren’t on the phone’s platform: Windows phone. There is no Instagram or Hipstamatic. The only one that there seems to be is Flickr.

Will that be the phone’s undoing though?

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