National Geographic Photographer Stephen Alvarez Heads West with Only a Nokia Lumia 1020

julius motal the phoblographer nat geo nokia lumia 1020

Nokia teamed up with National Geographic to send Stephen Alvarez armed only with a Nokia Lumia 1020 out West. It’s an impressive PR stunt that really shows off the Lumia 1020’s photographic abilities. Depending on the aspect ratio of your photos, the Lumia 1020 puts out files between 34MP and 38MP with a sensor capable of 41MP. It’s a major boon for mobile photographers because it lends credence to Chase Jarvis’s quote, “The best camera is the one that’s with you.” The 1020 is a tempting option for serious mobile photographers, and this Nokia-Nat Geo project is one of the most beautiful photographic undertakings with a mobile phone. My iPhone’s a great shooter, but it can’t touch this.

Check out the project at National Geographic.

Via DPReview Connect