Using Wondershare Recoverit 8.0 for SD Card Data Recovery

If you own a digital camera, an Android device, an MP3 player, or any other electronic device with extended memory, then you know how important the integrity of your SD card is.

Ideally, SD cards help us extend the memory of a device and transfer data seamlessly across multiple sources. While this is an important function, it also makes them vulnerable to data loss. Chances are that you might end up losing your important files from SD cards out of the blue. Don’t worry – you can still get them back using a reliable SD card data recovery tool. Although there are numerous data recovery tools in the market, only a handful of them actually work. If you are also new to data recovery, then you should know about Recoverit. It is one of the most trusted and accessible tools that is even used by leading experts. Recently, the application has released a new update that offers a wide range of advanced features. Let’s get to know more about the SD card data recovery feature of the tool.

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Cheap Photo: Love Bokeh? For $9 You’ll Want This Software (and More)

These photography software packages will help you protect and elevate your work, all while saving you money!

We have found some photography software deals that will save you a ton of time and money, but you’ll have to hurry to get them. Have you ever lost images due to technical failure? Right now you can get Coolmusters Data Recovery program for as little as $19! Want to make outstanding composites with a single click of your mouse? For a limited time you can get the Create Magical Composite Photos In One Click With StudioMagic bundle for just $49.95 (reg $249), and you can grab four professional Photoshop plug-ins that will make your life so much easier for only $49 (reg $120). Join us after the break for more photography software deals! Continue reading…

ProGrade Digital’s New Data Recovery Software Will Get You Out of a Bind

Data recovery

This data recovery software may save your bacon should the unthinkable happen.

Have you ever lost a ton of images due to a SD card becoming corrupt? Have you accidentally hit format all instead of deleting a single image? If so you’ll be very familiar with the gut wrenching feeling that washes over you. I’ve been there before and I can tell you that it’s not fun. Fortunately there are options available for data recovery. ProGrade Digital have just announced their new Recovery Pro Software that will help you get your image, and movie files back should you have a case of fat thumb, or if your SD card fails on you. Read on after the break to find out more, and for the official press release. Continue reading…

Review: Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (This is How You Mostly Undo Silly Mistakes)

When a data disaster strikes, Stellar Phoenix will help you rise from the ashes…in theory.

It is the stuff of nightmares, the unthinkable happens and you accidentally format that SD card containing the images from the wedding you just returned home from, or worse, you click the wrong button and wipe out your primary photo storage hard drive and all of your original files are gone. These are the sort of things that can keep a photographer up at night, and it is why data redundancy and backups are preached about so often by the photography media.

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Canon CarePAK Plus Accidental Damage Protection Now Includes Data Recovery

Sales service and support have become an integral part of today’s modern imaging products. Thus, camera manufacturers are offering product warranty and additional professional technical support, providing reassurance to their consumers. Maybe that’s why Canon USA has recently announced they have added data recovery services into their accidental damage protection plan, Canon CarePAK Plus.

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