Canon CarePAK Plus Accidental Damage Protection Now Includes Data Recovery

Sales service and support have become an integral part of today’s modern imaging products. Thus, camera manufacturers are offering product warranty and additional professional technical support, providing reassurance to their consumers. Maybe that’s why Canon USA has recently announced they have added data recovery services into their accidental damage protection plan, Canon CarePAK Plus.

Canon CarePAK Plus was first announced in October 2015 and provided an accidental coverage plan up to four years of service, and support from the date of purchase for Canon products including; cameras, binoculars, camcorders, printers, and projectors. The plan originally offer protection from accidental damage as well as additional hardware coverage for excessive wear and tear. With the newly added data recovery services, Canon extends their coverage plan for Canon cameras and camcorders to include retrieval of image and video files which may be lost or corrupted inside a memory card. Based on information obtained from the FAQ section of Canon CarePAK Plus site, if the memory card becomes damaged and cannot be read by the camera, Canon will send it to Seagate Recovery Services to have the data (image and video files) recovered and placed on a new memory card or USB drive.

Many recent memory cards manufactured for professional imaging and video recording usage do include their own versions of data recovery tools. Furthermore, some memory card manufacturers such as Lexar and Sandisk also include professional technical support for professional grade products. Having additional coverage from the Canon CarePAK Plus is a bonus since it comes together with the original accidental damage protection. However, not all damaged and lost data can be recovered successfully, hence we cannot stress enough the importance of practicing vigilant and frequent data back up to other storage devices.

To find out more about Canon CarePAK Plus, you may visit their official page here.