ProGrade Digital’s New Data Recovery Software Will Get You Out of a Bind

Data recovery
This data recovery software may save your bacon should the unthinkable happen.

Have you ever lost a ton of images due to a SD card becoming corrupt? Have you accidentally hit format all instead of deleting a single image? If so you’ll be very familiar with the gut wrenching feeling that washes over you. I’ve been there before and I can tell you that it’s not fun. Fortunately there are options available for data recovery. ProGrade Digital have just announced their new Recovery Pro Software that will help you get your image, and movie files back should you have a case of fat thumb, or if your SD card fails on you. Read on after the break to find out more, and for the official press release.

There really is no worse feeling as photographer than when you see the dreaded ‘cannot read card’ or ‘err’ notification on your cameras LCD screen. All of your work can be lost in an instant. On top of that you’ll likely have some pretty upset clients too. If you’ve ever deleted an entire SD cards worth of images by accident before too you’ll also know that feeling of dread and despair.

“Unfortunately with SD cards it’s not a matter of if corruption will happen, it’s a matter of when.”

Fortunately in that case data recovery is a little easier as the files are not actually deleted. The used sectors on the SD card are simply marked as available and the camera can’t read them. Rest assured though the images are still there. You just need software that can undo your mistake.

data recovery

ProGrade Digital’s new Recovery Pro Software can handle just about any kind of data recovery. From restoring accidentally deleted files, to pulling images and movie files off of corrupted cards. This data recovery software could save you a ton a time, stress, and money.

Once installed all you have to do is insert your SD card into a card reader and the software will pretty much do the rest. ProGrade’s Recovery Pro Software can attempt to recover multiple file types and codecs including MOV, AVI, ASF, MOD, WMV, MP4 videos files, and TIF, CRW, CR2, DNG, NEF, ORF, SRF, PEF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, and other most types of RAW files. In all there are more than 90 different file types that this software can recognize and potentially save.

Data Recovery

The data recovery software is available for purchase right now. A full license which will allow you to recover unlimited files is $49.99 for a 12 month subscription. If you want to make sure that your images are recoverable before making a purchase there’s a free evaluation version that can be downloaded. The software is compatible with Windows 10 and MAC OS X and higher.

If you want some peace of mind then this data recovery software might be for you. Unfortunately with SD cards it’s not a matter of if corruption will happen, it’s a matter of when. Just remember that there are options out there that can help you. This is definitely one of them.


Press Release




Recovers Lost, Deleted and/or Corrupted Files Produced Using DSLR, Digital Cinema, Mirrorless, Video Cameras

SAN JOSE, Calif., February 11, 2019, 8:00 am Pacific—ProGrade Digital, founded on a mission to provide the highest quality professional grade memory cards and workflow solutions, today announced Recovery Pro, professional-grade software to assist with recovery of photo and video files that have become lost, accidentally deleted and/or corrupted. Recovery Pro recognizes RAW, TIF, JPEG, MJP, MOV, MP4 and other files types produced by DSLR, mirrorless, cinema and video cameras from Canon™, DJI™, GoPro™, Nikon™, Sony®, Panasonic™, Fuji™ and more. ProGrade Digital Recovery Pro software is compatible with Windows® 10 and higher and Mac® OS X. A free “try before you buy” evaluation copy is available; full software download is $49.99 USD for a 12-month subscription. Available exclusively at

“We are happy to release our new Recovery Pro software after having spent nearly one year developing it to refine the recovery capabilities for all types of still and video files,” said Wes Brewer, founder and CEO of ProGrade Digital. “Today, there are a variety of free and paid software applications for professionals to recover lost images and video files, but each has limits due to the complexity of various file structures and corruption scenarios. We believe that our new Recovery Pro software is the most comprehensive tool available, and yields the highest possible success rate for recovering damaged files from all types of cameras–be it action cameras, drones, pro camcorders, DSLRs or some of the newest mirrorless models.”

Recovery Pro Software Key Features

Imaging professionals who produce still, video and cinema-grade 4 thru 6K, UHD and/or 360-degree file types now have a comprehensive file recovery tool:

Recovers motion file formats, including: MOV, AVI, ASF, MOD, WMV, MP4
Recovers photo file formats, including: TIF, CRW, CR2, DNG, NEF, ORF, SRF, PEF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, most types of RAW
Recovers more than 90 different audio and video file formats
Recovers companion audio file formats embedded within video
Recovers files acquired using Canon™, DJI™, GoPro™, Nikon™, Sony®, Panasonic™, Fuji™ and other brand cameras
Compatible with files produced using CFast™, SDXC™, microSDHC/XC™,
CompactFlash™ cards
Compatible with Win 10; Mac OS X and higher
Free evaluation version; download and activate a 12-month software subscription for $49.99 USD
Requires minimum 4GB RAM

About ProGrade Digital, Inc.

ProGrade Digital focuses exclusively on the design and marketing of digital memory cards, card readers and workflow software required by imaging professionals. Flagship products include ProGrade Digital CFexpress™ and ProGrade Digital SDXC UHS-II memory cards offered in a range of capacities and optimized to render maximum performance when paired with high-end DSLR, mirrorless, camcorder, drone and digital cinema cameras from Blackmagic™, Canon™, DJI, GoPro™, Nikon™, Panasonic™, Sony® and more. ProGrade Digital memory cards and workflow solutions are available for purchase by global customers on the company website and B&H Photo and Video website. Customers in North America, Japan and 27 European countries may also shop on ProGrade Digital memory cards expand the creative visions of cinema and photography professionals around the world.