The Best Cameras Under $1,200 New Photographers Will Love

There’s nothing like falling in love with photography. Lots of people know they don’t need a camera, but buying one is part of acknowledging your passion and love for photography. But do keep in mind that it’s an expensive hobby. So we’re rounding up the best cameras under $1,200 to get into photography with. There are lots more on the market, but these are the best ones out there.

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Want to Upgrade? These Are the 4 Best Cameras to Upgrade To

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The past few years have shown us several innovations in the camera world. Some of the biggest ones were the face and eye detection features. That went even further with the addition of artificial intelligence. But perhaps best of all is that full-frame cameras got smaller and better. So, if you’re a passionate photographer looking to possibly upgrade beyond your phone, consider these cameras. Best of all, we’ve reviewed all of these and more. Here are the best cameras to upgrade to

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There are Some Pretty Amazing Sales on Used Canon Gear Happening.

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Canon has captured the hearts and eyes of many photographers with their mirrorless cameras. But what’s more, their lenses are even better. In fact, they’re amongst the favorite of many of the staff. We couldn’t find a lot of deals on new gear. But if you’re game for gently used cameras and lenses, Michigan Camera has a nearly flawless rating on Amazon. And their Canon camera/lens listings are also at fantastic prices. Take a look below!

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It’s Really Hard to Find Good Canon Gear at the Prices We Found. Check This Out

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There are times when it’s really hard to get your hands on Canon cameras. Everyone has supply issues right now because of how hard components are to come by. So we found a bunch of renewed gear from Canon for you. Renewed is pretty much refurbished gear. Refurbished is my personal preference. It goes through more rigorous quality control tests and is often more affordable. Want a new camera? Check this out!

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Opinion: The Canon 6D Mk III Should Be the Last DSLR They Make

The Canon 6D Mk III would satisfy the hobbyist photographers that the series was designed for.

Canon has proven that they’re capable of creating great mirrorless cameras. They’ve also said there will be no more EF lenses made unless there was a specific and high enough demand for them. But that obviously hasn’t stopped third party lens manufacturers. I also think the Canon DSLR deserves one last hurrah. This would be perfectly immortalized in the Canon 6D Mk III. And just think: Canon would basically take existing technologies that they’ve had for years and recycle them enough to not cannibalize their other products. If it ever came to be, the Canon 6D Mk III would possibly be a final hit for all DSLR lovers.

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If Real, a Sub $1,000 Full Frame Sony A5 Would Kill The Canon EOS RP

Camera deals - Sony a7 III

Noises about an affordable Full Frame Sony a5 are getting louder: here’s what we’d like to see.

How does a sub $1,000 Full Frame camera from Sony sound to you? Does it sound like the camera of your dreams? If so, you might be interested to hear that Sony might be getting ready to announce such a camera within the next two weeks. Finally, something to get excited about, right? We’re sure most people would love to see what a camera like this would look like, as Sony will be dipping their toes into waters Canon has had to itself almost exclusively for years, and we’re sure Canon is looking over its shoulder. What could a potential Sony a5 look like, though? Will it have enough about it to take on the affordable Canon EOS RP? After the break, we will talk about what we would like to see in such a camera. Join us; it will be enlightening.

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A Possible Canon RF 24-150mm F4 Is Making Things Very Interesting

Canon is busy when it comes to RF mount lenses, and this means great things for EOS R cameras and other potential RF Mount platforms.

Until very recently, things had been quiet on the Canon Mirrorless camera front. But, one segment of their business has been making a ton of noise – their RF Mount lens department. Every couple of months, it seems that new patents are filed by Canon for new RF mount lenses, and almost like clockwork, a new RF mount lens patent has emerged. This time it’s for an RF 24-150mm f4 lens. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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The Canon EOS RP’s Sensor Barely Matches a 5 Year Old Sony Sensor

Camera deals Canon EOS RP

The Canon EOS RP is a good performer, but the 26.2-megapixel sensor barely keeps up with the sensor found in Sony’s five-year-old A7S II.

The guys and gals of DXOMark have awoken from their long slumber, and it seems the first camera that fell in their hands after their nap was the Canon EOS RP. We thought the sensor was pretty good when we tested the EOS RP last year: it performed how we thought a Full Frame sensor in this price range would. While it’s overall score puts it just about on par with Sony’s now five-year-old 12.2-megapixel sensor from the A7S II, you might be shocked by some of the lab numbers. Join us after the break for all the details.

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Which Canon Camera Is Right for You? The Answers Are Clear Now

Canon cameras - Eos RP

There are Canon cameras for every type of photographer, and this roundup will make it easy to see which one is right for you.

Canon has been in the camera making business for a very long time. Because of this, they have a strong lineup of cameras that suit many different types of photographers. In this roundup, we will take a quick look at which Canon cameras are the best for different kinds of photographers, and we’ll see which lens pairs up perfectly with each Canon camera.

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Canon Could Be the Most Innovative Lens Company on the Market

Canon has again filed patents for some wild RF Mount lenses, which show they mean business.

While Canon hasn’t exactly been innovating when it comes to their Mirrorless cameras, the same cannot be said when it comes to RF Mount lenses. There aren’t exactly a ton of native RF Mount lenses on the market currently, but the crazy development team that works behind the scenes at Canon HQ have been developing plans for some genuinely outrageous, yet possibly brilliant lenses for their Mirrorless platform.

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Dem Tones: The Three Best Canon Cameras for a Portrait Photographer

These Canon cameras are perfectly suited for portraiture work thanks to their excellent features and access to some of the best portrait lenses in the business.

While Canon’s cameras may be lacking in features compared to some of the other cameras on the market, that does not mean they are any less capable when it comes to creating gorgeous images. Canon cameras can be found in the hands and studios of portrait photographers the world over simply because they are reliable, they produce consistently excellent results, and because they can use Canon’s infamous L series lenses. Best of all, the color depth on the sensors is incredible. The Canon cameras listed after the break are the three we would highly recommend any aspiring or pro portrait photographer to take a closer look at.

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Why the High Res Canon EOS R Needs to Be the Stuff of Legends

Canon EOS R

If Canon wants to win back the trust of their faithful, the next Canon EOS R camera needs to be something special.

We all know Canon needs to produce something special when it comes to their next Mirrorless camera; they are falling so far behind the competition. The Canon EOS R was already outdated when it launched in October of 2018. The Canon EOS R was using a four-year-old sensor, it only had one card slot, and its video features were severely crippled. It’s a good camera, but not a great one. For Canon to get back to their glory days, they need to show the world what they are capable of. And if recent speculation about the specs of their Next EOS R camera is correct, they may have something special on their hands. Find out more about what might be in store for Canon fans after the break. Continue reading…

Canon Keeps Making Fantastic Lenses That Go on Mediocre Cameras

Canon continues to push the envelope with its RF Mount lenses, but they need more cameras that can make the most of them.

Canon is really going to town with lenses for its new RF mount. Since the launch of the Canon EOS R and the EOS RP, we have seen quite a few RF Mount lenses either teased or released, and we have seen a fair few that have had patents filed for them. Today we have found out that three more RF Mount lenses (an 18mm f1.0, an 18mm f1.2, and a 25mm f1.2) have had patents filed for them. These three ultra-wide, ultra-fast lenses certainly push the boundaries in terms of what’s possible with the RF Mount, but here we are a year later with just three middle of the road EOS R cameras. What game is Canon playing? Let’s talk about this after the break. Continue reading…

The Canon EOS Ra is Fine, But it’s Not The Camera we Need or Want

The Canon EOS Ra will scratch the itch of Astrophotographers, but it will leave everyone else wanting, and waiting for more.

It has been just over a year since the Canon EOS R arrived on the Mirrorless camera scene. While it may have been lacking features that many expected, over the last 13 months, the EOS R has been updated to the point where it has become a very competent camera. Canon fans want more, though. The EOS R is lagging behind Sony in terms of feature sets and resolution, and Canon has said that a higher Megapixel EOS R camera is in the works. So, when we heard about a new EOS R camera from Canon hitting the market, we got excited, but, unfortunately, it’s not what you’re thinking. Join us after the break to find out more about the Canon EOS Ra and who it’s geared towards. Continue reading…

Review: Canon EOS RP (Well Worth the Money for Almost $1,200)

camera deals

The Canon EOS RP isn’t at all a bad camera; and it’s bound to flood the market during the holiday season.

When I look at and think about the Canon EOS RP, I see the strategy for Canon that they’ve been imparting for many years. Said strategy goes something like this: bundle the camera with a printer and a lens and do an instant rebate with the retailers to simply move the product. Then also add in an adapter for EF mount lenses. Do this around the holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Black Friday. As much as this camera may be designed to flood the market, it honestly isn’t all that bad of a choice. The Canon EOS RP is a good entry level camera and perhaps one that photographers first picking up a dedicated device can grow with for a long time. And for those who ask if there is an auto mode and who don’t want to worry about anything else, you can do that too while the rest of us make horrified faces at you.

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Canon EOS RP is Capable of Being Controlled By User Generated Apps

The Canon EOS RP could well turn into a creative’s best friend once app developers start using the new CCAPI.

The Canon EOS RP is a bare bones, Full Frame Mirrorless camera that really doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but thanks to the digital age, and the wonderful world of SDKs (Software Development Kits), the Canon EOS RP could be turned into a creatives dream. Recently, Canon announced that the EOS RP is the latest camera in their line up to feature their CCAPI (Camera Control Application Program Interface). In other words, app developers will be able to make apps that will allow you to control your camera remotely. Join us after the break for more information. Continue reading…

Why I Think the Professional Canon EOS R is Going to be Like a 1D

Canon hasn’t released their professional level EOS R camera yet, but when they do it will probably be like a little 1D series.

When I say that the professional Canon EOS R is going to be like a 1D series camera, I’m pretty well convicted in my opinion that this is what Canon will be releasing come later this year. Well, I hope it will be later this year and not next year for Photokina. But if Canon is going to enter the professional world of mirrorless cameras, then I’m pretty convinced that they’re going to do what they can to mimic what their 1D series is. This isn’t only in terms of performance and image quality, but also in terms of a camera body and build quality.

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First Impressions: Canon EOS RP (A $1299 Full Frame Camera)

The Canon EOS RP represents the company’s attempt to win the entry level users over at a $1,299 price point.

Alas, we aren’t being treated to Canon’s high end EOS R camera, but with the Canon EOS RP we’re getting a pretty interesting candidate in the mix. The Canon EOS RP is being aggressively priced at $1,299 and has the same sensor at the heart of the Canon 6D Mk II. That wasn’t always my favorite sensor, but after Tony Northrup’s video on it a while back the internet swooned over it again. My issue is that in Lightroom, we found the highlight recovery to be awful but in Capture One it was quite good. Beyond this are some head scratching features in the Canon EOS RP, like silent shooting mode being a dedicated shooting mode with no manual controls in the same way that you get with the Canon EOS M50. This isn’t the case with the EOS R, which has an option for silent shutter photography. Maybe with the professional level camera, Canon will finally take this feature seriously–and during my time in New Orleans with the camera, I heard many other journalists agree.

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