Canon Could Be the Most Innovative Lens Company on the Market

Canon has again filed patents for some wild RF Mount lenses, which show they mean business.

While Canon hasn’t exactly been innovating when it comes to their Mirrorless cameras, the same cannot be said when it comes to RF Mount lenses. There aren’t exactly a ton of native RF Mount lenses on the market currently, but the crazy development team that works behind the scenes at Canon HQ have been developing plans for some genuinely outrageous, yet possibly brilliant lenses for their Mirrorless platform.

An article posted on Canon Rumors talks about some recently filed patents at the United States Patent and Trademark Office from Canon. Just last month, Canon filed patents for an 18mm f1.0, a 24mm f1.2, and a few other lenses, and now they have filed designs that show they have come up with an RF 28-135mm f4, an RF 24-170mm f4, and an RF 28-280mm f2.8. There was even a patent for a new EF-S lens in the form of an EF-S 17-170mm f3.5.

While we often get on Canon’s back about their cameras, how they cripple them, and how there seems to be a lack of innovation and care, the same cannot be said about their RF Mount lenses. One thing I think we can all agree on is that Canon makes the best lenses. Canon’s L series lenses are legendary, and they are the reason why so many photographers refuse to move on from the system, even though there are cameras that put Canon’s offerings to shame.

The new RF Mount lenses (or the ideas for them) indicate Canon means business when it comes to Mirrorless. Their approach to the platform differs significantly from Sony, who decided to build their cameras first and the lenses second. While that worked for Sony, Canon knows its fanbase cares about the quality of Canon optics more than the cameras themselves. The amount of RF Mount lenses in the pipeline for the Canon EOS R, EOS Ra, the EOS RP, and any future RF mount cameras is enough to get any fan of photography excited.

Canon RF Mount lenses

Maybe Canon is on to something here. Perhaps Canon is a dark horse in the Mirrorless race? Sony is getting to a point where their cameras can’t offer much more because they threw all the bells and whistles into every camera body early on. While Sony G Master lenses are excellent, they don’t touch Canon’s L series glass. Canon, on the other hand, knows all about top quality lenses, and their Mirrorless camera bodies can only improve (please, cameras Gods, only let them go up from here) from the point they are at currently. One thing for sure is that 2020 is going to be a massive year for Canon, their cameras, and their RF Mount lenses. What do you think about the patents that have recently been filed? Let us know in the comment section below.