Canon Keeps Making Fantastic Lenses That Go on Mediocre Cameras

Canon continues to push the envelope with its RF Mount lenses, but they need more cameras that can make the most of them.

Canon is really going to town with lenses for its new RF mount. Since the launch of the Canon EOS R and the EOS RP, we have seen quite a few RF Mount lenses either teased or released, and we have seen a fair few that have had patents filed for them. Today we have found out that three more RF Mount lenses (an 18mm f1.0, an 18mm f1.2, and a 25mm f1.2) have had patents filed for them. These three ultra-wide, ultra-fast lenses certainly push the boundaries in terms of what’s possible with the RF Mount, but here we are a year later with just three middle of the road EOS R cameras. What game is Canon playing? Let’s talk about this after the break.

According to a report over at Digital Camera World, the three new Canon RF Mount lenses in question are an 18mm f1.0, an 18mm f1.2, and a 25mm f1.2. Before you say that these lenses are crazy and that nobody really needs lenses this wide and this fast, let’s not forget that Canon did actually just announce the EOS Ra, which is, of course, a camera designed solely for Astrophotography. Wide, fast glass is what astrophotographers need to capture all of that glorious starlight that rains down on us on cloudless nights. Aside from the Canon EOS Ra, though, Canon has been incredibly tight-lipped about any new potential Mirrorless cameras that it might be working on.

Canon, it seems, wants to build up its library of RF Mount lenses to get people excited about the glass that’s on offer for the RF system, which is totally opposite to how Sony approached the matter when it entered the Mirrorless race. Sony focused on their Mirrorless cameras first and then gradually built up their E Mount lens collection, which worked out pretty well for them. Canon has always made good cameras. They don’t break any molds, nor set many records, but they are solid and dependable. Their glass, on the other hand, is hard to beat, and their RF Mount lenses are already some of the best you can lay your hands on. No doubt, people will be interested in what Canon is doing, but having an incredible selection of glass without having incredible cameras to pair it up with just won’t work.

canon rf mount lenses 50mm f1.2

I can totally see Canon trying to sell their system based on the lenses alone, and honestly, people will buy into Canon for their glass. Still, they need to find a balance between focusing on lenses and camera bodies because, frankly, their current lineup of Mirrorless cameras is pretty sad. The Canon EOS R is a fine camera, but it is based on a sensor that was first seen in August of 2016 when it launched inside the EOS 5D IV. The tech featured in the camera is also quite far behind what can be found in competing cameras too. The new Canon Ra is essentially the same camera as the EOS R. It just has a different filter on the sensor.

In the current market, you have to offer the whole package, and Canon is not there yet. The vast majority of people want to know about upcoming cameras, and the incredible features they have more than finding out about lenses. Canon, we need cameras from you that match the excellent glass you produce. It’s all well and good having beautiful (costly) glass, but if you’re wanting people to buy it and expect them to use it on a camera that was showing its age when it launched, you’re wrong.

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Canon, talk to us about your plans for next-gen Mirrorless cameras. Let us know what’s in the pipeline, and give us hope that there will be Canon Mirrorless cameras that can live up to the standards of the RF Mount lenses that you churn out because honestly, the EOS R and the RP aren’t cutting it. Perhaps following Sony’s lead of building the cameras first is the way to go. At least then, photographers can get the feature-rich cameras they want, and they can use them with the gorgeous EF mount glass you already offer while you build up your RF Mount lens library. What do you think about Canon’s approach to getting people excited about their RF system? Let us know in the comment section below.