Ready Your Wallet: A Rare 1959 Nikon F Body Is Up for Grabs

Been gunning to add a rare Nikon F to your vintage camera collection? Now’s your chance to grab one from the first batch made in 1959!

If you’ve ever wanted a Nikon F (we’re betting you do), chances are you’re hoping one from the very first production run would come out, ready to fall into your waiting arms. Well, we’re glad to say the day has finally come, and your wallet better be prepared for it.

A rare 1959 Nikon F body recently appeared on our Etsy radar, and we’ve been ecstatic to share the news about it. It looks in good condition, save for marks on the viewfinder metal, small dings on the bottom, and some marks on the corners. The prism also has a small mark that can be seen when taken off, but will not affect the use of the camera. The finder is engraved with Nippon Kogaku Japan underneath. The camera needs some cleaning, and the shutter speeds are working, but they haven’t been tested for accuracy.

Okay, but we know you want to know, how sure are we that this Nikon F is indeed from 1959? We did some research, like we always do, and found that the serial number of this unit — 6400646 — is from the first batch of the Nikon F made from March 1959 to January 1960. We referred to this nifty list of Nikon F serial numbers and production dates put together by Richard de Stoutz. On a side note, we recommend Nikon F owners refer to this list to see from which batch their unit belongs to.

The Nikon F was produced from March 1959 to October 1973. In case you’re curious, the first serial number was 6400001, while the last for chrome bodies was 7451048 and 7451052 for black units. That little bit of info may come in handy!

So, if you’re ecstatic about grabbing this historic 60-year-old camera, there’s one last thing: Etsy seller Jim Emmerson is asking for $3,500 for it. Of course, the price tag is for the fact that you’ll have in your possession one of the most iconic cameras in history — and one from the first production run at that.

If this is well outside your budget or wouldn’t mind getting one from the next batches, there’s always eBay to check out.


Photos from the Etsy Listing by Jim Emmerson