Why the High Res Canon EOS R Needs to Be the Stuff of Legends

Canon EOS R
If Canon wants to win back the trust of their faithful, the next Canon EOS R camera needs to be something special.

We all know Canon needs to produce something special when it comes to their next Mirrorless camera; they are falling so far behind the competition. The Canon EOS R was already outdated when it launched in October of 2018. The Canon EOS R was using a four-year-old sensor, it only had one card slot, and its video features were severely crippled. It’s a good camera, but not a great one. For Canon to get back to their glory days, they need to show the world what they are capable of. And if recent speculation about the specs of their Next EOS R camera is correct, they may have something special on their hands. Find out more about what might be in store for Canon fans after the break.

A recent post on Mirrorless Rumors talks about what Canon might have in store for the next pro-level Mirrorless camera. Apparently, the new Canon EOS R will feature a massive 75 Megapixel sensor, which will have class-leading levels of dynamic range. It will be powered by a new DIGIC 9 image processor, a higher resolution EVF, the same joystick controls that will apparently be found on the upcoming 1DX Mk III, and yes, it will have dual card slots. Combine these features with a solid weather-sealed body, excellent Canon ergonomics, and the best glass on the market, and you realize that the next Canon EOS R could (heavy emphasis on could) be quite spectacular if they don’t screw around.

For Canon, anything less than the specs listed will just see them fall further behind Sony. With the Canon EOS R and the RP, Canon tried to catch up to their rivals, but they fell short. Now, to really show the world they are taking Mirrorless cameras seriously, merely catching up will not be good enough; they need to crush the competition. Their main target is obviously the Sony A7R IV, which Reviews Editor, Paul Ip declared as the ‘pound for pound resolution king.’ It’s a stunning camera that is not earth-shatteringly expensive and has just about every feature you could possibly image. If Canon wants success on their hands, this is the camera to beat.

The next Canon EOS R needs to beat the Sony A7R IV in every area for it to stand a chance, and it needs to be priced just as competitively if they want it to take off. When Canon released their last high megapixel camera, the 5DSR, it was priced at $3,899, so they will have to do better than that, and they will have to make sure not to cripple the camera in any way.

The next Canon EOS R needs to crush the Sony A7R IV

The next Canon EOS R needs to crush the Sony A7R IV.

Along with the potential specs listed above, the next Canon EOS R will require a superior (to the original EOS R) autofocus system with better eye detection and better tracking. Canon will also need to find a way to implement IBIS (in-body image stabilization) that can outperform the system found in Sony bodies (which really shouldn’t be too hard). Along with these two features, Canon will need to pack it full of video features, because that’s just what’s expected now. Canon already has the upper hand when it comes to their RF mount lenses, nobody can deny that, so they just need to build on that.

Yes, RF lenses may be short in number right now, but the quality of the optics has Sony beat. Now, Canon, you need your next camera to be the stuff of legends, and it needs to be able to take advantage of the glass you and Sigma will be producing for the system. We know you have it in you. It’s time to stop toying around with the idea of Mirrorless; embrace it!! Show your faithful fans that you’re listening to them. Market share is there for the taking, you just need to fight harder for it. A camera with the specs listed above will be an excellent weapon for you in the Mirrorless camera wars. Make it happen.