Sigma’s Potential RF Mount Lenses Deserve Better Canon Cameras

Canon needs to up their camera game. Otherwise, there will be tons of quality RF mount lenses with cameras that can’t make the most of them.

It seems to have taken a while for Sigma to say they will be supporting Canon in their Mirrorless adventure. Usually, Sigma is the first to announce their intent when a new system hits the market, but perhaps they have been waiting to see just how serious Canon is about the new platform. Canon has signaled their intent by releasing some of the most beautiful lenses around, but their camera game sucks. Perhaps Sigma knows something we don’t as they apparently have a roadmap for RF mount lenses in 2020. Let’s talk about this after the break.

It’s hard to deny that Sigma makes some of the best lenses on the planet right now. Their recent releases have taken the photography world by storm. The build quality of both their Art and Contemporary lines are incredible, and the optics they use put most other lenses to shame. Recently, Sony users have been benefiting from Sigma’s plans to concentrate on Mirrorless platforms, but they may be joined by Canon users in 2020 as a roadmap for Sigma RF mount lenses has surfaced. According to an article on Digital Photography School, Sigma has shown lens distributors the roadmap, but these plans have not yet been made public.

Sigma RF mount lenses will deserve better cameras than the EOS R

This will, of course, be music to the ears of those who use the EOS R or the EOS RP. Canon’s own RF mount lenses are stunning, but they also come with stunning price tags. Current pricing means that the average photographer simply cannot afford to buy the gorgeous RF mount lenses, and we know pricing is where Sigma excels. There’s no doubt that the lenses Sigma may end up releasing for Canon Mirrorless cameras will be excellent, but will Canon have cameras that can make the most of the new glass?

Let’s be honest here for a minute. The current line up of Canon Mirrorless cameras is woeful. The EOS R is good, but based on a sensor that’s almost four years old, and it pales in comparison to offerings from Sony with regard to autofocus performance. The EOS RP is based on the under-performing sensor launched with the EOS 6D Mk II, and lacks so many features that it is hard to recommend to anyone but beginners who don’t require expensive L series glass. We aren’t usually in a position where we can say lenses currently max out the potential of a sensor, but with Canon, here we are.

Sigma RF mount lenses will deserve better cameras than the EOS RP

Canon seriously needs to come up with some new Mirrorless cameras that make the most of the incredible RF mount lenses they have produced, and that the likes of Sigma might offer. Sigma will potentially add a way for the masses to afford quality RF mount lenses: now Canon just needs to make some new Mirrorless cameras that will make photographers want to switch to the new platform. We’re rooting for you in 2020, Canon. It’s time to knock it out of the ballpark with your next batch of cameras. If you do that, then all the gorgeous RF mount lenses (both current and future offerings) will shine like never before, and maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to start clawing back some of the camera market that has slipped away from you.