Review: Vi Vante Tread Classic Camera Strap

The Vi Vante Tread Classic Camera Strap is for only the most stylish photographer.

After using the Vi Vante Tread Classic Camera Strap for a month or so, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s for the stylish photographer. It has its practicalities, but it’s less functional than much of what Vi Vante has in their lineup. The Vi Vante Tread Classic Camera Strap is for the photographer who first and foremost wants to flex their style, evident in many aspects of the design. From the flat profile intended to provide comfort to the red threads that run through it, the Vi Vante Tread Classic is a strap that oozes with allure. And to be honest, I’m perfectly okay with that.

Gear Used

We tested the Vi Vante Tread Classic on the Nikon Z7.

Tech Specs

Specs taken from the Manufacturer’s page

A Classic Style Camera Strap meets Vi Vante Design! The Classic Tread gets its name because the quilting design has the look of a performance tire, with an aggressive tread pattern that is built for speed. The camera strap has built in side protection and beautifully finished edges which includes our proprietary electroplated mounting rings. At Vi Vante, we pay attention to the smallest details. We know how important design, style and safety is for you and your camera.

  • 47 inches long x 1 inch wide / 120cm long x 2.5cm wide

  • Red Quilted Stitching

  • Finished Edges

  • Electroplated mounting rings with extra pair provided

  • Comes in branded pouch that can be repurposed


The Vi Vante Tread Classic is special. Where most similar styled straps are thinner, the Vi Vante Tread Classic aims to be broader. This helps provide comfort for heavier cameras or heavier lenses. Along the entire stretch of the strap is both black leather and red threading.

To mount itself to the camera, there are flat leather panels. The rings are expertly designed and sturdy. Of course, this means it will appeal to users of most camera systems. But, if you use Canon or Leica L mount cameras, then you’ll run into a problem.


Build Quality

The construction of the leather and the threading makes the Vi Vante Tread Classic very durable. Twist it, pull it, and try to tear it – you’ll fail. I’d argue it’s just as durable as much of their other gear. This is perfect for the photographer using a Sony camera with massive glass or even L mount cameras with those humongous lenses. The Vi Vante Tread Classic is also comfortable, though the company has more comfortable straps in its lineup.

Ease of Use

In real-life use, the Vi Vante Tread Classic proved to work and function just like any other strap. This is why I say this strap is designed more for luxury look and style. If you’re a photographer who takes their camera out in the rain, you won’t have to worry about the threads getting too wet either. We didn’t have any sort of problem with them. But overall, it’s a standard strap simply made wider to distribute the weight of a camera more evenly. And for that, it does a great job.


The Vi Vante Tread Classic is a great strap, but very standard. For photographers carrying mirrorless cameras, it can be very important. Lots of options on the market are big and bulky, and in many ways, this is the best standard strap for them. But in other ways, it’s the best strap for a luxury look.

The Vi Vante Tread Classic gets four out of five stars.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.