Is a Nikon Mirrorless Full Frame F Mount Camera Possible?

Years ago, Nikon tried something really courageous with the Nikon Df–but if the company were to create a brand new Nikon Mirrorless Full Frame F Mount camera, it would be an announcement that would genuinely shake up the industry. If any camera company were able to do it, it would easily be Nikon or Pentax due to the fact that they’ve been using the same mount for many, many years now.

Canon used the FD mount for a while and then almost lost everything when they switched to EF. Nikon has used the F mount for years and has made it evolve over time with some lenses having autofocus abilities and some not. The Pentax K mount has done something similar over time. Years ago, Pentax made a mirrorless K mount camera which arguably could have been made smaller just like many of their other film SLR cameras. Nikon, for many years, also made small, professional quality film SLR cameras like the iconic Nikon FM2. With the Nikon Df, the company created a nod to their history and to the folks that wanted a retro-style camera. But it was, and still is, physically large. In fact, it’s not much different from the company’s other full frame DSLR cameras.

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Manfrotto’s New Manhattan Lineup of Bags Target the NYC Photographer

Manfrotto just introduced a brand new lineup of camera bags called the Manfrotto Manhattan Collection. As the lifestyle imagery implies along with the name, the Manhattan collection targets the NYC based photographer who commutes using the subway system, bikes, etc. But that doesn’t mean those are the only photographers who may be attracted to it. In fact, photographers in Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, and other cities like Berlin may be widening their eyes.

There are three bags in the lineup: The Manfrotto Manhattan Mover 50 backpack, Manfrotto Manhattan Speedy 10 Messenger Bag and the Manhattan Changer 20 Shoulder bag.

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How to Get The Fastest Performance From Your Camera When Doing Street Photography

Some of the biggest problems with mirrorless cameras for photojournalists, street photographers, wedding photographers and others has to be the performance. Sometimes it’s just too slow when they need to capture a moment super quickly lest they completely miss it. In street photography, if you’ve already seen the moment, it’s gone. Surely, anticipation can help, but it can only do so much.

To get the most from your mirrorless camera, we’ve put together a number of tips on how to get faster performance.

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The ONA Savannah Bag is Designed to Fit a Variety of Cameras (And Stuff)

ONA has just announced a brand new camera bag: the ONA Savannah. This is a smaller camera bag not designed to hold a whole lot of stuff and instead really targeted at the photographer who has a small kit on them and worries about the whole editing process at a later time frame. The bag is made of all leather and has a foam padded interior, magnetic closure, and zip pockets.

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6 Weather Sealed Wide Angle Lenses for Mirrorless Cameras

If you’re an adventurer or a photographer that gets outside often, there are a number of wonderful lenses you can get your hands on to create compelling images in the elements. Many photographers tend to go for wide angle lenses, and these tend to give images that convey how they feel about the vast expanse before them when out hiking. But otherwise, they’re used by street photographers in the rain or sometimes even for certain types of portraits.

Here are six weather sealed wide angle lenses that we love for mirrorless cameras.

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The CM33 is a New 33mm f2 Manual Focus Lens


It’s rare to see lenses funded on Kickstarter, but the new CM33 seems to be one that could show lots of promise for mirrorless camera users. The lens is being developed for Sony E mount (or FE in APS-C mode), Canon M, and Fujifilm X series cameras. It’s being billed as a pancake 33mm lens with manual focus and modern optics.

Part of the design involves being able to focus very closely–we’re talking about 5 and a half inches.

More tech specs and the company’s Kickstarter video are after the jump.

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