Want to Get Your Dog to Look at the Camera? Here’s How

Getting your dog to look at the camera is all about training them to do it, and here’s how.

If you’re someone who gets frustrated about how to get their dog to look at the camera for a photo, then fear not. The answer is pretty easy and you’re going to kick yourself for not thinking about it first. To understand this, you should think about your dog and what they like. It’s obvious that belly rubs aren’t going to be easily communicated to your pup in order to get them to look at the camera, but a toy could do the trick. Even better though–so could a treat.

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The Moment Pro Camera App Brings DSLR-like Controls to iOS and Android

There are a lot of mobile camera apps out there, and now add-on lens maker Moment is throwing their hat into the ring with the Moment Pro Camera App

Sometimes it’s nice to just take out your phone and capture an image in the moment, but it would be really great to have more control over the image you are capturing. This is especially true for photographers who shoot with dedicated cameras because we know what we want to capture, and auto-exposure/exposure compensation just doesn’t cut it. This is where having a quality camera app on your phone can be a great thing, but finding an app that has all of the features you may want can be a challenge. There are a lot of options out there, each one with their own take on various features, and today Moment is launching their Moment Pro Camera App with what they are calling a DSLR-like shooting experience. Continue reading…

New “Focal” Camera App is One More Reason to Install Cyanogen Mod on Your Android Device

Cyanogen Mod Focal Camera App

The Android camera app market is highly competitive, and rightfully so. Mobile photography is so popular that neither manufacturers nor developers can afford not to invest in this market. And thus there’s a vast number of third-party camera apps available on the Android market. Some try to improve on Android’s stock camera app, some try to deliver extra functionality, while others try to bring you a completely new shooting experience. The guys from Cyanogen Mod–the number one Android firmware replacement–have taken on the task of creating a new camera app called “Focal”, which aims to improve upon Android’s stock camera by adding a bulk of new functionality. Details and promo video after the break.

Via PetaPixel

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Camera Plus Pro for iPhone Price Drops, Adds More Features

Camera Plus Pro for the Apple iPhone has been updated. Now priced at $0.99 the new fully iPhone 4 compatible app can now control the LED flash on/off/auto options and switch between Front and Rear camera. The new update also has realtime preview for photo editing, real time video exposure and white balance control and other great features that make the Camera Plus Pro app stand out from the rest of the camera apps out there. Full release is after the jump. Be sure to also check out our iPhone coverage and review here.

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