Photography Cheat Sheet: Something Wrong with Your Image? Try This

Today’s photography cheat sheet will definitely come in handy for beginners wondering how to fix their snaps in camera.

Today’s digital cameras allow everyone to take decent photos, but for those who want to break free from shooting in Auto mode, taking full control of all the camera settings may seem daunting. At some point in every beginner’s manual photography journey, overexposed, underexposed, and blurry photos will be the norm. The goal, therefore, is to be able to fix or avoid these shots in-camera, instead of relying on Photoshop to correct them. Today’s photography cheat sheet is a quick troubleshooting guide that will allow you to do just that.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Which Tripod Is Right for You?

A tripod is certainly an essential tool for every photographer, so this photography cheat sheet helps you decide which type is best for the work you do.

Photographers are recommended to invest in a good tripod, with some kinds of photography more in need of it than others. However, with so many different options out there, it may be overwhelming to pore through all of them and come to a decision. If you’re planning to get a tripod soon but aren’t quite sure yet what to get, this photography cheat sheet from Canon Asia should be able to help.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Getting Up Close for Wildlife Photography

If you’re into wildlife photography, practice getting close to wild animals for awesome shots with this quick photography cheat sheet.

Photographing from afar is one of the most convenient, surefire ways to do wildlife photography. But some wild animals are simply great for close-up snaps. The challenge, therefore, lies in getting close enough to these creatures to get perfect shots without disrupting them in their natural habitat. Today’s photography cheat sheet comes with some helpful tips if you’re planning to try this and level up your wildlife photography.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Light Fall Off Visual Guide

Today’s photography cheat sheet demonstrates how light fall off affects the way subjects are illuminated based on how far they are from the light source.

Not so long ago, we shared a simple illustration of how the Inverse Square Law works and how it affects the way your subjects or scenes are lit. If you found it useful for understanding the technicalities of the relationship between distance and the brightness of light, we have another visual guide for you. This time, it shows us the law at work in the studio!

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Photography Cheat Sheet: What Affects Depth of Field

This photography cheat sheet will help you understand the elements that determine what appears sharp in your shots.

Depth of field is one of the photography concepts you’re guaranteed to come across, but may take some time to understand through practice. The term is commonly defined as the distance between the closest and the farthest objects in the photo that appear acceptably sharp. This term typically pops up whenever aperture and bokeh are mentioned because the three are tied together; aperture is one of the factors that affect the depth of field, while bokeh demonstrates a quality of depth of field. What about the other factors? Today’s featured photography cheat sheet has some answers.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Shutter Speeds for Shooting by the Beach

If you’re planning to hit up a scenic beach for some landscape snaps, we have just the photography cheat sheet you can use.

Beaches and bodies of water are among the favorite shooting locations of landscape photographers: they offer a variety of stunning scenes to photograph. A single location by the beach, for example, can be photographed with moving water for dramatic results or freezing waves for a more strong image. If a landscape photography shoot somewhere scenic and seaside is in order for you, we’re sure today’s photography cheat sheet will provide some tips for making the most out of your shoot.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Sizing Up Subjects in Your Frame

Today’s photography cheat sheet explains why the size of the subject in your shot depends on the effect you want to achieve.

How much space in the frame should your subject cover? This is one of the simple questions that you may have when composing your shots. You can either fill the frame with a close-up of your subject if you’re shooting portraits, or go for a wider composition to emphasize the feel of the environment or show how your subject interacts with it. Size does matter when it comes to how you present your subject, but the long answer is, it depends on what effect you want to achieve in your composition. Today’s featured photography cheat sheet has more to say on the topic.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Get Started in Studio Portraiture

If you’ve been wondering about the equipment you need to set up your own studio, use this photography cheat sheet as your quick guide.

Decided on doing more portrait photography projects and now need the stuff to make it happen? If you already have a dedicated spot where you can set up your own studio, the next step is to get the necessary equipment. Since you most likely already have a camera or two, refer to today’s photography cheat sheet for the rest of the gear to get you started.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: The Most Confusing Part of Flash Photography

If you’re planning to do a lot of flash photography, you’ll learn some important stuff from today’s photography cheat sheet.

Flash photography isn’t as simple as just illuminating your subject with flash, especially if you’re using a professional flashgun or strobe lights. To be able to use flash effectively, among the things you must know is how to work with the Guide Number of your flash. This technical detail will help you determine the right values for manual exposures in flash photography. Today’s featured photography cheat sheet will serve as a quick guide you can use for your next practice, whether in the studio or on location.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners

If getting into wildlife photography is your dream, this photography cheat sheet brings some quick tips to help you get started.

Wildlife photography is certainly one of the most popular and exciting genres to get into, but it comes with its own set of challenges. If your goal is to get out there to photograph some of the most poignant moments in the animal kingdom, you might be wondering how to begin. With some tips from today’s featured photography cheat sheet, you’ll have an idea about the kind of work involved.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Clutter-Free Backgrounds for Great Snaps

Get great portrait, still life, and outdoor shots by taking away distractions from backgrounds using tips from today’s photography cheat sheet.

Ever felt that a shot would have been perfect if not for distracting element in the background? Can’t cut off or blur an annoying element behind your subject? Sometimes, it’s hard to avoid cluttered and distracting backgrounds, but taking the time to pay extra attention to it will give you the best results. With tips from today’s featured cheat sheet, you’ll be able to make sure your subjects are set against the best backdrops possible.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Using Foreground Interest in Landscape Photography

You’ve heard about putting interesting elements on the foreground of landscape photos. This photography cheat sheet explains how.

Among the important landscape photography techniques every beginner should learn is how to draw the eyes to the shot by adding a foreground element. A common mistake with landscape photography is thinking it’s only about shooting a sweeping capture of the scene: a misconception that reduces the shot to a snapshot that lacks a clear subject or point of interest. This is where today’s photography cheat sheet is useful with some tips on adding foreground interest and leading lines to strengthen your landscape photography.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Do You Know How to Expose for a Pet’s Fur?

Start shooting great shots of your furry friends and other animals with this extensive pet photography cheat sheet.

Photographing pets can be challenging at times, as all of us have likely experienced when attempting to capture the adorable moments of our fur babies. It can even be stressful for both the pets and the photographer. With some tips from today’s featured photography cheat sheet, all the chasing around and more will be well worth it!

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Freezing Movement with Fast Shutter Speeds

If you’re practicing shooting with fast shutter speeds, let today’s featured photography cheat sheet be your guide to freezing movement for creative shots.

Fast shutter speeds are useful for achieving various creative results, when used correctly. As a general rule, you can freeze movement for creative shots using a shutter speed of at least 1/250 sec or faster. Still, you’ll find that how fast you should set the shutter speed depends on many factors. Today’s photography cheat sheet will serve as a quick reference for the best camera settings and techniques to use based on your shooting situation.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Landscape Photography Checklist

Before you embark on your first landscape photography adventure, make sure to go through today’s photography cheat sheet.

When it comes to landscape photography, being prepared is paramount to getting the picture-perfect shots. This doesn’t only involve picking out the best spots, but also making sure you cover all the other important stuff that you need to do before, during, and after the shoot. For today’s featured photography cheat sheet, we have a simple yet effective check list that will help you avoid making the mistake of being unprepared.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Photographing Animals in Wildlife Parks

If you’re planning to practice wildlife photography in parks and sanctuaries, make sure to bring this photography cheat sheet with you!

Wildlife photography can be extra challenging to get into, so lots of practice is required for anyone who wants to make it their genre of choice. Fortunately, there are parks and sanctuaries you can visit to practice in before embarking on wildlife adventures. If you already have a location in mind and plan to practice there soon, we have just the photography cheat sheet to make things a bit easier for you.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Creating Balance Using the Rule of Thirds

Learn how to create more dynamic and visually interesting compositions with some tips from today’s photography cheat sheet. 

Sometimes, it’s tempting to place your subject smack in the center of the frame and take the shot. But once you’ve become familiar with the Rule of Thirds, you’ll open your photography up to more dynamic compositions. Whatever you’re shooting and whether it is in horizontal or vertical framing, you’ll be able to achieve stronger compositions with today’s featured photography cheat sheet.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: How to Shoot Better Photos Underwater

With the help of today’s photography cheat sheet, you’ll be able to adequately prepare for underwater photography using your Mirrorless camera.

Ever wondered how you can get gorgeous underwater photos using your Mirrorless camera? There are actually many things to consider and keep in mind, including gear requirements, the best shooting mode, and using flash and other lighting options. Canon Asia comes to our rescue with some tips in their photography cheat sheet.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Exposure Basics for Dummies

Today’s photography cheat sheet is an alternate visual guide for understanding the Exposure Triangle for correct exposures.

One of the main parameters of a good photo is proper exposure, which is achieved by using the best camera settings given the situation. The shutter speed, aperture, and ISO all work together as the so-called Exposure Triangle. Maybe you’ve heard of this term in the past, or maybe this is still a totally new concept to you. Whichever the case, today’s photography will serve as your quick guide (or alternate guide, if you’ve seen it here before) with some visual analogies to help you understand exposure basics better.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Inverse Square Law of Light for Dummies

If the Inverse Square Law and how it pertains to light are all new to you, we have a photography cheat sheet that explains how it works and affects your photography.

At some point in your photography journey, the topic of Inverse Square Law will pop up and probably perplex you. While it sounds very technical and intimidating, it actually pays to know how it affects the way your subjects or scenes are lit. We have just the tips and visual guide for you in today’s photography cheat sheet.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Fast vs. Slow Shutter Speed for Creative Shots

Knowing the right shutter speed to use can make a big difference in the photos you take, as today’s photography cheat sheet explains!

There’s more to using the right shutter speed than getting properly exposed photos. It will also allow you to achieve certain effects and creative results. Your camera may have some automatic settings and functions that will help with this, but for shooting situations when you want to key in the shutter speed settings yourself, we have just the photography cheat sheet for you!

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