Photo Industry Round Up: Everything That Happened at CES 2013


We here at The Phoblographer hope you guys got your fix of photography news from CES 2013 this year as our Editor in Chief and News Team has been working around the clock to bring you guys everything you need to know about the latest and greatest camera news from the show. Perhaps you’ve missed a couple of announcements or first looks as they went live over the past few hectic days of the event, so here’s a quick round up of everything CES 2013.


First Impressions


Samsung’s new NX300 is their latest mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that replaces the NX210 with a number of upgrades and features such as a redesigned 20.3 MP sensor and the ability to shoot in both 2D and 3D. To sweeten the deal, a new 45mm f1.8 3D lens gets thrown in. Head on over to check our what our initial thoughts are.

The Pentax MX-1 is a sexy point and shoot that has been given a good amount of fondle time and we’ve got our first impressions right here.

Sigma’s DP3 got quite a lot of flak from us in our initial announcement but we’ve seem to change our minds once we had some time with it on the show floor. See why here.

Nikon’s D5200 has been unfashionably late to the American party for quite some time now; but finally, it is here. Being the upgrade from the D5100, see what we’ve got to say about the new features and such here.

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Nikon D5200 S1 and J3 first impressions CES 2013 (17 of 17)ISO 16001-40 sec at f - 2.8

Nikon’s compact J3 and S1 has been an intriguing experience for us. Our News Editor Peter Walkowiak even owns a J series camera. At CES, we were not disappointed at all. See what we’ve got to say here.

Fujifilm has teased us for too long. The X100s has been given it’s more than fair share of personal fondle time and we’ve got the full first impressions for you here. Perhaps the X100s is too hefty for your wallet, then take a look at what we thought about the cheaper, but more than capable, X20 here.

Fujifilm isn’t all about business either. The Instax Mini 8 is the perfect accessory to take instant photos of your friends at a party. The “Wall of Shame” wouldn’t be the same without the traditional Instax Mini film. See if this upgrade is worth your time here.

Canon got tired of the generic rectangular shape you’d find on just about every other point and shoot camera. So they took the Powershot N and gave it a square body, which is in fact, pretty cool as it plays nice with all of its features. See what we thought about it here.

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer CES 2013 Fujifilm first impressions polaroid mirrorless camera (4 of 10)ISO 32001-80 sec at f - 4.0

Polaroid has entered the mirrorless market with their own lineup. Getting ripped apart by other major tech sites, we decided to go hands-on ourselves to give you guys our personal opinion on it here.

Product Announcements

Pentax has a new retro-looking camera called the MX-1 that sports some much more modern tech on the inside. Albeit it could have been better. Head on over for the full details and a nice colorful surprise.

Lexar has announced their insanely fast memory card lineup. The Professional 1100x XQD and the High Performance 600x UHS-I memory cards will knock your socks off. At a hefty price. Read up on the details here.

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer CES 2013 Fujifilm first impressions canon powershot n (5 of 8)ISO 32001-80 sec at f - 4.0

Canon has released four point and shoot cameras that will fit just about anyone’s budget that’s looking to just have a handy shooter around. They’ve also come out with an interestingly unique design that you can check out here.

Fujifilm didn’t want to miss out on the spotlight so they’ve got their own set of cameras to announce. If you’re the creeper type, then Fuji’s 84x zoom might be what you’ve been looking for. As for other normal folk, there’s cameras for you too. Head on over here for the full lineup.

Fujifilm also announced the long awaited X20 and X100s boasting “World’s Fastest AF” to date. Coming out of the gate swinging, Fuji is getting serious so you don’t want to miss out on this.

Manfrotto has their latest 290 series tripod to show and a couple of new and improved bullheads. Light, precise, compact, high quality. What more can you ask for? See if this will be your next tripod purchase here.

Samsung has a Smart Camera for you folks who love taking “selfies” or someone who’s lonely and needs a new OKCupid profile picture. If that’s you, you can thank us later, after you’ve taken a look at the full details.

Olympus is making their cameras resistant to Mother Nature and that’s a daunting feat. They’ve got a whole lineup of new point and shoot cameras that could probably survive an underwater adventure better than you. See if they’re up to the challenge here.

Sigma has a new addition to their DP lineup. The DP3 sports a fixed 50mm f2.8 lens but the camera comes with a 75mm field of view. That’s a not a typo by the way. There’s plenty of info and surprises in the full article.

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Pentax MX-1 CES 2013 first impressions (7 of 7)ISO 16001-125 sec at f - 2.8

Nikon has announced the J3, the third of its J kind that has hit the market in just over a year’s time. See what makes this one so much better than its predecessor here.

Vanguard has a number of new accessories that may just peak your interest. The new Pistol Grip Ball Head lets you take photos while your finger is still on the trigger. The ABEO Pro tripod looks like it got snapped in half, and they’ve got new Vojo series bags. See everything Vanguard wants you to buy here.

Pentax’s Q10’s paint job was done by throwing them through a rainbow. See for yourself.

Panasonic has a plethora of compact cameras that want you attention. We think it’s not worth your time. Don’t trust us, judge for yourself in the full report.

Think Tank has new shoulder bags that are as versatile as a Transformer and might as well have the same powers too. See what we mean here.

Tiffen wants you to upgrade from the old but doesn’t add enough new features to their accessories for us to justify the purchase. If you don’t happen to own any of them, now is the chance to check them out then.

Røde has a new 24-Bit/96K capable accessory for your iDevice that makes for the ultimate compact solution to field recordings. The iXY Stereo Microphone is a great idea but has its setbacks which can be found here.

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