Pentax’s New MX-1 Looks a Lot Like Its Old ME SLR

Chris Gampat Gear Patrol Pentax K01 product photos (1 of 20)

Editor’s Note: It’s come to my attention that the camera also looks like the original MX. It indeed does.

Pentax’s new MX-1 point and shoot looks a lot like its old ME SLR from a long time ago. When writing the announcement post up this morning, that dawned on me. The ME is a heck of a lot more simplistic of a camera though, and it shoots film. I shot the photo above a while ago for a lifestyle publication that I work for, and the similarity just struck me.




But the resemblance is very much there.

More to come from CES. We’re going to try to get our hands on the camera and possibly call one in for review.

Chris Gampat

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