Think Tank’s New Shoulder Bags Are More Than What Meets The Eye


Say hello to Think Tank’s new series of shoulder bags that come with their famous build quality with some new and unique features. First up we have the Sub Urban Disguise that lets you leave everything at home but just the bare essentials on a shoot. If you just carry a DSLR body and an extra lens or you’ve made the switch to Micro 4/3rds, this is definitely up your alley. Next is the Change Up V2 that transforms from a shoulder bag to a chest bag to a belt pack; it is the perfect all-in-one you can ask for.

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Sub Urban Disguise Series 

The Sub Urban Disguise series consists of 4 shoulder bags designed with the light traveler in mind. They are much more compact and lightweight when compared with Think Tank’s behemoth Retrospective series. Fit to hold smaller DSLR bodies with just one to two lenses, the Sub Urban Disguise is the way to go.

If your typical set up consists of a single DSLR body with 2-3 smaller prime lenses, then the Sub Urban Disguise 5 and 10 are the prime candidates for you next shoot. If you like having the reassurance of multiple lenses to cover the entire focal range that you want, the Sub Urban Disguise 20 and 30 will fit the bill. The 30 can hold a long zoom lens along with an iPad sized tablet for your ultimate road set up.

Think Tank build quality has yet to let us down and we don’t doubt this newcomer’s abilities either. Padded pockets, comfortable shoulder straps, high quality fabrics and zippers, you get the works. To allow easy access to all of your gear, the Sub Urban Disguise series’ flip top opens away from you, which is a nice feature to have when you’re in a rush.

The Sub Urban Disguise series will be on sale next month and will begin at a comfortable $49.75 and end at $84.75, depending on which size fits your needs.







Change Up V2

The Change Up V2 is an updated version of Think Tank’s older Change Up bag. Being able to adapt and change to shooting environments, the Change Up V2 can become a shoulder bag one day, a chest pack the next, and a belt pack right after. This is all done through the harness system that can transform accordingly with the bag. The ability to switch your bag from one flavor to the next allows for some welcomed versatility and comfort for shooters who move around a lot on shoots.

The bag is capable of carrying up to a standard sized DSLR body with a couple of small lenses thrown in or a single 70-200 big daddy lens. The bag itself fits nicely on your body as it is constructed out of soft and light materials. On top of that, compressions straps are there to adjust the overall fit for comfort.

The Change Up V2 will be available next month as well and with a sub $140 price tag.

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