The Tiffen Pro 100 Series Filter System Is Now For Photographers

Tiffen is bringing their award winning Motion Picture and Television filters to photographers and videographers with their new Pro 100 Series Filter system. The adapter set attaches to your lens via the standard filter ring and then it allows you to use one or two of Tiffen’s MPTV 4×4 or 4×5 filters.

In concept, you could say it is similar to something like LEE Filters or Cokin, just made specifically to work with Tiffen’s MPTV filters – the edge is even sealed to prevent light leaks and it is also fully rotatable. Tiffen says that the Pro 100 system will also come in two and three filter kit options, allowing for photographers and videographers to a variety of filters for whatever their needs are. The base default filter size will be 77mm, but others from 49-82mm will also be available.

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Tiffen Presents New 10-Stop Neutral Density Filter at CES 2014

Images taken without and with an ND filter

Images taken without and with an ND filter

Tiffen has just announced the Tiffen ND 3.0, a new 10-stop neutral density filter, which will be shown off at the company’s booth C9143 at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. The Tiffen ND 3.0 will block ten stops of light from entering the lens, making the use of wide apertures as well as long exposures possible even in bright light. In the press release, Tiffen claims that with this filter, no color changes will occur.

The Tiffen ND 3.0 will be available in sizes ranging from 52mm to 82mm. Pricing and availability have not been announced thus far.

Review: Tiffen 77mm Combination Neutral Density 1.8 Infrared (IR) Filter

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Tiffen filter photos (4 of 7)ISO 1001-320 sec at f - 2.5

Editor’s Note: Big thanks goes out to Doug Guerra over at the Alternating Line; a new NYC based company that focuses on freelance camera operating and video engineering.

Filters are an interesting bunch–many photographers will say that you don’t need them but others swear by the protection that they can offer. But when it comes to the video world, they’re a necessity. While many of us on the site prefer to use Vari-ND filters for the convenience that they offer, many videographers still prefer to go with dedicated filters. Both have their advantages, but some are really designed to give an extra punch. In the case of Tiffen’s Combo IR ND filter, you might want to use this one with a cinema camera.

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Tiffen’s New SteadiCam Curve Is Designed For Your GoPro


We previously reviewed the SteadiCam Smoothee, and thought it was just alright. Tiffen is expanding on their Steadicam line though and this time they’re targeting to GoPro customer. Though the Smoothee was marketed as being able to work flawlessly with the GoPro cams, this new one is sporting an aluminum frame, standard GoPro quick release mount and a collapsible handle for compact storage and portability or for use as a GoPro hand grip.

To ensure that you get stable footage, there is a fine tune adjustment knob for balancing–which should ideally be set before you even start moving around. That shouldn’t be so tough as this thing weighs half a pound.

The Steadicam Curve doesn’t have a final release date or price yet, but we should expect that soon.

Photo Industry Round Up: Everything That Happened at CES 2013


We here at The Phoblographer hope you guys got your fix of photography news from CES 2013 this year as our Editor in Chief and News Team has been working around the clock to bring you guys everything you need to know about the latest and greatest camera news from the show. Perhaps you’ve missed a couple of announcements or first looks as they went live over the past few hectic days of the event, so here’s a quick round up of everything CES 2013.


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Tiffen Shows Off More of the Same With Slight Updates at CES

Tiffen CES 2013 Domke New Generation Bags

At CES in Las Vegas, Tiffen is showing a bunch of new products, ranging from backpacks to tripods. In short, these are the company’s latest offerings: a new series of Domke bags and new Davis & Sanford tripods, Genustech camera accessories, and finally portable teleporters from Listec that can be attached to a smartphone or tablet. Details after the break. Continue reading…

Photo Plus 2012 Ultimate Roundup

As you probably figured out by now, The Phoblographer team has been working around the clock for the past couple days to get you guys the juicy details from this year’s Photo Plus Expo in New York. To make your day a little easier, we’ve got a complete roundup of the entire event right here for your viewing pleasure. Head on past the break to see everything that went down this weekend!


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First Impressions: Domke’s Bag Refresh at Photo Plus 2012

For most of us who know about Domke bags. Little has changed in 30 years for its designs. They were created because a man had  a problem to solve and in solving that very problem he get’s into the camera bag business. That’s how Jim Domke came to be. His bags served a purpose as a standard for photo journalists. But, with time these bags needed a certain something to be in today’s market. That something was a little style. Thanks to the sharp eye of Tiffen’s Creative Director, Patty Nast Canton–this is the result.

We were able to see the prototypes of the Journalist, Adventurer, Visionary and the Metropolitan bags.

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